Meet Genting's Highland Heroes! These furry and fabulous friends – Tabby the Tiger, Allie the Elephant, Joe the Orangutan, Benny the Entertainer, Callie the Dragon, and Geno the Dinosaur, are ready to show you a side of us you've never seen before. Get ready for meet-and-greets, fun activities, and a sprinkle of magic that will make your visit truly memorable.


Get to Know Genting’s Highland Heroes 

Tabby the Tiger

Tabby the Tiger comes from Tiger Town, hidden deep within the Highlands. He is spirited, energetic, and always up for fun and adventure. Tabby loves to have his friends tag along as he explores new and exciting places. His strength and courage make Tabby a naturally protective friend you can truly count on.

Allie the Elephant

Allie the Elephant is loving, sweet, and amazingly smart. She lives with her large family in the enchanting Highland Falls. When Allie isn't busy studying or learning about her environment, she would likely enjoy herself dancing! Allie loves music and dancing to the rhythms of the Rainforest.

Joe the Orangutan

Joe the Orangutan lives in the beautiful Bamboo Lagoon where he loves to climb and explore new things all day. Joe's natural curiosity is never-ending. He finds joy in sharing his knowledge and discoveries, especially with his best friend and constant companion, Geno the Dinosaur.

Benny the Entertainer

Benny the Entertainer is a Malayan Sun Bear who is a natural entertainer with a large and friendly personality. He is a master of card tricks, magic tricks, singing, and dancing. Benny the Entertainer is a role model who bravely follows his dreams, no matter what stands in his way.

Callie the Dragon

Callie the Dragon is a small, sweet, and incredibly powerful creature from the Mystic Dragon Temple. Like most dragons, she is spiritual, magical, and holds tremendous and mighty powers. Callie is a faithful friend with a unique ability to see the potential in each of them.

Geno the Dinosaur

Geno the Dinosaur is a real live dinosaur with all the traits of a puppy. Always happy and playful, Geno enjoys taking part in tricks like a regular man's best friend: sit, fetch, and rollover, just to name a few. You will likely find Geno running and playing in the Bamboo Lagoon with his best friend and companion, Joe the Orangutan.


Venue: Genting SkyWorlds Hotel Lobby
Time: Every Saturday and Sunday 1:30pm & 2:30pm

Venue: Central Park, Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park
Time: Daily 11am

* Characters appearance time is subject to change without prior notice. 





MoonBunny is an exciting world full of colorful characters set on the surface of the Moon, where magical adventures await amongst moon craters and space stations, luminous plants and a shimmering night sky. 

A world where MoonBunny friends PING, ZOOSIE, ZINK, TIKA, and MOJO face lively adventures and fun exciting experiences every day. While each of the MoonBunnies are identifiable by their distinctive colors, strengths, and personalities, they all wear a shiny red space helmet with an antenna.

This special device allows our MoonBunny friends to communicate with each other when they are apart from each other. These helmets also act as a conductor for high bolts of energy whenever needed to help energize their space station, guide a special spaceship for visiting party guests, or even electrify a dance party on the moon to the liveliest levels!

The MoonBunnies are always fun and uplifting and will never let you down. Whenever there is a need for hope and encouragement, the MoonBunny universe is your destination.



Get to Know MoonBunny



Ping is a strong leader and his friends can always rely on him. His bright white fur makes him shine amongst his MoonBunny friends. When things go wrong, Ping always has a plan and gathers his friends to work together. He does have a playful side, as he loves music and dancing and will always be the one to start a party!



Zoosie is fun, upbeat and sees the beauty in everything! Her radiant fuchsia coloured fur fits her bright and cheerful personality. She is usually found singing and dancing to her own beat. She frequently sings about romance and love, as Zoosie is a helpless romantic.



Zink is playful, energetic, funny and mischievous. With his vibrant green fur, and witty personality, he can always make his MoonBunny friends laugh, even in the most tense situations! Above all else, Zink cares deeply about the environment and is the first to defend all creatures and nature.



Tika is popular, outgoing, and very smart! Her spirited orange fur matches her energy and warmth. She is a fun-loving MoonBunny who loves to study and learn. Tika is always excited in discovering new things, making her an expert at solving mysteries and riddles.



With his cool blue fur, Mojo has a laid-back appearance and attitude, but don’t let that fool you! He is always up for a challenge and manages to discover surprises wherever he goes. Whether it's extreme sports, or exploring new locations, Mojo always makes sure his friends are included and having a good time.