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Frosty Fun Awaits: What To Look Forward To At Genting Winter Wonderland 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and it is snowier and more magical than ever at Resorts World Genting!

5 Theme Park Packages To Check Out On School Holiday in Resorts World Genting

Discover the best packages to enjoy in the upcoming school holiday!

4 Reasons Why You Need To Spend Your Year-End Cuti Sekolah At Resorts World Awana!

Not sure where to take the kids during cuti sekolah? No worries, Resorts World Awana has your back!

Planning For Your Year-End Holiday At Resorts World Genting? Here Are Our Best Events And Deals To Grab!

What is in your plan for this year-end-holiday? Here are our recommendations, only in December!

Exciting Events You Should Catch at Resorts World Genting This December!

Find out the most exciting events you should catch during this festive month at Resorts World Genting.

Sail into 2024 Odyssey at Resorts World Langkawi

Langkawi is calling, your adventure awaits!

Makan trip under RM100 a day at Resorts World Genting!

Your RM100 is worth a day dining here at Resorts World Genting.

7 Calorie-worthy Eats at Resorts World Genting

Diet always starts tomorrow – check out these seriously good eats that you can only get at Resorts World Genting!

New Things To Do at Resorts World Kijal in November!

Planning your second trip here? GREAT! We’ve updated all the fun things to do here on the East Coast!

Makan, Bermain, Menginap Seperti CEO: Masa Untuk Si Kecil Berseronok Di Resorts World Genting!

Kepada ibu bapa, Resorts World Genting menjadi taman permainan baharu mereka, lihat cara CEO kecil anda menerokai tawaran dan ganjaran eksklusif dengan Pasport CEO!

8 Year-end Concerts and Events To Look Forward at Resorts World Genting

Live the end of the year with a bang! Check out the exciting shows here.

A not-to-be-missed November Food Promo!

Treat yourself to a delicious meal at Resorts World Genting with our sizzling November food deals! Nomnomnom.

Elevate your group's experience at the new Resorts World Awana and Genting SkyWorlds!

Discover why Resorts World Awana is the perfect choice for your team, colleagues, and larger groups that’s perfect for an annual conference or a team-building retreat.

Feast On Food, Enjoy Live Music, And More At The Bustling Street Of Gohtong Way After Dark

The best part is, admission to this part of Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park is free after 6pm!

Selamat datang ke duniaku di Gohtong Way, Resorts World Genting!

Banyak aktiviti ‘healing’ pada waktu malan yang korang boleh enjoy selepas hari yang menerujakan!

Eat, Play, Stay Like A CEO: Kids Take The Helm For Playtime at Resorts World Genting!

Brace yourselves, parents! Resorts World Genting has become their new playground, check out how your little Chief Experience Officer can unlock exclusive deals and rewards with a CEO Passport!

Nighttime Thrills and LOLs: Here's Our Take on Genting SkyWorlds' Gohtong Way

Our team at Passionation is here to give you an inside look, so get ready for an unforgettable journey into the night at Gohtong Way!

Unwinding Oasis: Therapeutic Pursuits For Your Next Couple’s Retreat At Resorts World Genting

If you're a newlywed couple engrossed in the daily grind or parents longing for a fun escape (from the kids), look no further! Resorts World Genting offers the perfect getaway just for you.

5 Self-Care Ideas: Unwind, Relax and Recharge at Resorts World Langkawi

Turn that frown upside down because we’ve covered everything you need to recharge yourself at Resorts World Langkawi!

Football fans, catch Pak Mal at the Gohtong Way Giveaway and score tickets to Genting SkyWorlds!

Watch football matches and win Awana SkyWay and Genting SkyWorlds tickets at the Gohtong Way Giveaway!



Genting Starlight Festival 2023 is back: Things to check out at the party under the stars

Cool weather? Check. Great food? Check. Good music? Check. Let’s rock it out under the stars at Genting Starlight Festival 2023!



Objek Wisata Tujuan Turis Lokal dan Mancanegara, Rekomendasi Wahana Permainan di Genting SkyWorlds Malaysia Versi Grid.ID

Selama kurang lebih 5 jam, Tim Grid.ID mendapat kesempatan untuk bermain dan mengexplore Genting SkyWorlds – ayo lihat wahana favorit kami!

Resorts World Genting Promos and Events On The Radar for October

We provide you a piece of the most awaited events coming in October only in Resorts World Genting, join the fun!

The sweats and snaps for Heatwave Havoc contest by our hilarious Resorts World Genting fans

Thank you for your submission, we’re happy to know that our fans have a sense of humour!




让我们 Passionation 的团队带您深入了解,并准备好在梧桐缤纷大道度过难忘的夜晚之旅吧!

Budget-Friendly 101: Jom ber-"healing" bawah RM150 di Resorts World Genting!

Sehari di Resorts World Genting dengan bajet bawah RM150: Boleh ke? Jom kita tengok!

5 Tarikan dan Aktiviti di Destinasi Mesra Keluarga, Resorts World Kijal

Destinasi percutian mesra keluarga yang semestinya mengeratkan lagi hubungan kekeluargaan anda melalui pelbagai tarikan, kemudahan yang lengkap dan aktiviti menarik hanya di Resorts World Kijal.

Mengintip Presidential Suite, Tipe Kamar Kalangan 'Sultan' di Resorts World Awana Malaysia

Kamar yang cocok untuk para 'sultan' maupun pengunjung yang datang bersama keluarga kecil.

Wisata dari Ketinggian 3100 Kaki, Berikut Dana yang Harus Digelontorkan untuk Menginap di Resorts World Awana

Dapatkan gambaran mengenai tarif kamar dan fasilitas untuk semua tipe kamar yang tersedia di Resorts World Awana.

Gohtong Way, Food Deals, And More: 5 New Things To Try & Do This September At Resorts World Genting

Don’t say we bojio! Come up to experience it yourself before the month ends.

Local Brands You Can Support At Resorts World Genting #SapotLokal

Whether it's clothing, food, or even concerts, here are some local brands and singers for you to support the next time you’re here!

云顶世界晚上好去处!教你玩遍免费景点「梧桐缤纷大道」⚡吹冷风,Live Band,喷泉灯光秀等!


We’ve Just Unveiled The Latest Passes To Genting SkyWorlds Just In Time For The Upcoming School Holiday!

Looking for exclusive deals at Genting SkyWorlds for the upcoming school holidays? Keep reading to find out more!

Sensasi Menginap di Resorts World Awana Genting Malaysia, Fasilitas Lengkap dan Indah

Resorts World Awana jadi salah satu impian wisatawan untuk tempat menginap. Resort ini berada tak jauh dari Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

8 Inspiring Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Visionary Founder Of Genting Group, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong

Buckle up, because we're about to unveil 8 remarkable facets of the visionary behind the legacy!



Merdeka, Merdeka! Tetaplah Merdeka: Jom Sambut Hari Merdeka Di Resorts World Genting!

Mari kita merayakan Hari Kebangsaan yang ke-66 bersama rakan-rakan dan keluarga dengan promosi, acara, dan tawaran istimewa sempena Hari Merdeka!

8 Upcoming Concerts in September, October and November by Artists That Malaysians Love

It’s 3 months of stardom for local and international artists as they take up the stage at Arena of Stars!

5 Sebab Mengapa Resorts World Langkawi Menjadi Destinasi Utama Untuk Berbulan Madu

Percutian bulan madu di Resorts World Langkawi semestinya menjadi pilihan bagi pasangan yang baru berkahwin.

Gohtong Way: A free-entry, family-friendly lepak spot under the stars

More about a new hotspot at our resort and what you can expect!

Staycation di Resorts World Awana, Ini Kegiatan Ramah Anak yang dapat Dilakukan di Hotel Ini

Resorts World Awana menawarkan berbagai aktivitas ramah untuk anak-anak selama menginap di sana.

Menariknya, berbagai aktivitas yang ditawarkan

6 Local Restaurants In and Around Resorts World Genting That You Should Support

Been looking for local cuisine with nice settings and good food? Here’s our 6 recommendations to try out!



Let Your Cravings Be Satisfied With Our Upcoming Food Truck Fiesta At Resorts World Awana!

3,100 feet up among the clouds and stars, where food and fun are never too far!

72 Hours of Fun at Resorts World Genting: The Ultimate Guide For Your 3D2N Trip!

What to play, eat and check out at Resorts World Genting? This complete 72-hour itinerary is just what you need for your upcoming trip!


梦想成真啦🥳快来与云顶世界一同迎接 #云顶世界 的58周年庆!

New Things To Do & Events To Explore at Resorts World Genting in July 2023

Enjoy new promotions and try out new treats in the chilly weather – happening in July!

Resorts World Genting sambut Ulang Tahun ke-58, pelbagai tawaran istimewa menanti pengunjung di bulan Ogos!

Boleh la bawa family bercuti bulan 8 ni. Kaw2 punya diskaun tau! Korang jangan lepaskan peluang😍

Resorts World Genting - Chiêm ngưỡng “thành phố mây” của Genting Highlands tại Malaysia

Resorts World Genting - Điểm đến lý tưởng dành cho gia đình

24 Hours of Absolute Fun at Resorts World Genting

Explore the top things to do and must-try at Resorts World Genting in a span of 24 hours. Make the most of your vacation here!

Lokasi insta-worthy untuk foto OOTD anda di Resorts World Kijal

Resorts World Kijal bukan sahaja mempunyai keindahan pemandangan laut yang menenangkan malah ia juga mempunyai lokasi Instagrammable yang menarik untuk menjadi backdrop OOTD anda!

Best Dessert Places For A Sweet Treat at Resorts World Genting

Dessert kakis, feeling peckish for a sweet treat at the peak? Check out our recommendations!

Resorts World Genting Turns 58: Celebrate with These Unbelievable Promo & Deals!

Celebrate this joyous occasion all month long with our anniversary-themed events, promotions, contests and more!

BFF Day Trip Itinerary to Resorts World Genting

How to fully enjoy your day trip with promotions and deals offered by Resorts World Genting

7 Rejuvenating Activities To Explore During Your Resorts World Genting Getaway

As a part of self-care, scrap your mundane lifestyle with these rejuvenating activities at the cooling peak.

Durian Festival 2023: Here's What Went Down & How It Left Us Craving for More!

The King of Fruits is back and ready to terrorise with its notoriously strong (& delicious) aroma! The team at Passionation is here to give you all the juicy details of Resorts World Genting’s Durian Festival 2023.

6 Must-Try Activities At Resorts World Awana That Speaks To The Inner You

Whether you're a movie buff, nature lover, history aficionado, weekend athlete, or a health-conscious foodie, Resorts World Awana got you covered.

48 Hours of Non-Stop Fun: Your Ultimate Guide to Resorts World Genting!

Ready to travel to the land where the fun never ends? The theme park thrills at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park, vibrant nightlife at High Line Roof Top Market, and lush greenery of Resorts World Awana await you.

The best activities for kids to enjoy the upcoming long weekend at Resorts World Genting

Keep your kids happy to the max with these activities in Resorts World Genting



Top Friend-cation Stays for the Weekend Getaway

Top 4 stays with complete amenities and services for a pleasant friend-cation



Nikmati Kesejukan Di Puncak: 5 Idea Untuk Menghiburkan Anak-Anak Pada Hujung Minggu

Daripada taman tema yang mendebarkan hingga pengembaraan membeli-belah dan denai alam semula jadi, ada sahaja aktiviti menghiburkan untuk seisi keluarga!



Gohtong Way: KEMASUKAN PERCUMA, tempat lepak mesra keluarga dibawah kerdipan bintang-bintang

Lebih banyak info tentang tarikan baru di resort kami dan apa yang anda boleh jangkakan!

Ulang Tahun ke-58: Nikmati Hujung Minggu 2H1M Penuh Keseronokan Di Resorts World Genting Dengan Keluarga Tersayang!

Sempena ulang tahun yang ke-58, Resorts World Genting kini menawarkan pengalaman  yang tidak terlupakan bagi anda dan keluarga!



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4 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Kid For A Nature-themed Staycation at Resorts World Awana!

Is your kid a Little Foodie or an Eco Warrior? Our new Back to Nature Staycations is what your nature-loving kiddo needs!

Korang Nak Ke Resorts World Genting? Ini 10 Aktiviti & Tempat Korang Perlu Pergi Untuk Percutian Yang Sejuk, Epik & Mengagumkan!

Ada rancangan untuk ke Resorts World Genting? Ikuti pelbagai aktiviti dan tempat menarik yang mesra keluarga terletak berdekatan antara satu sama lain yang korang perlu pergi, semuanya ada disini!

Father’s Day Escapade: The Perfect Itinerary To Bond at The Hilltop

Follow us on a 1-day trip for unforgettable moments this Father’s Day. Come along!

Eat, Sip, Socialise, Repeat: Your Go-To Guide To An Unforgettable Nightlife at Resorts World Genting

 From the pulsating lights and crazy beats in the club to the soulful live melodies from your favourite artists, buckle up for a night of unforgettable excitement at Resorts World Genting!



Father’s Day At The Cooling Peak: 4 Gift Ideas for Dad

Treat your father with an abundance of gift options during this Father’s Day month in Resorts World Genting.

Cuti Sekolah Pergi Mana? Here are 10 Things You Can’t Miss Out at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

Soar through the clouds and explore the nine movie and adventure-inspired themed worlds at Genting SkyWorlds with our top 10 must-do rides and attractions!

Tak Bercuti lah Kalau Tak Luangkan Masa Di Resorts World Genting Dengan Melakukan 10 Aktiviti Dekat Sini!

Min nak tanya ibu bapa yang baca artikel ni semua dah plan belum nak bercuti bersama anak-anak di mana? Maklumlah cuti sekolah dah nak dekat ni! Apa kata korang pergi bercuti di Resorts World Genting!



5 reasons to visit Resorts World Genting this school holiday!

Resorts World Genting has it all for the ultimate family getaway during the school holidays!

Lebih Tenang, Lebih Rapat: 5 Cara Untuk Memeriahkan Hari Ibu Bapa Sedunia di Resorts World Langkawi

Hari Ibu Bapa Sedunia disambut pada 1 Jun di seluruh dunia sebagai tanda penghargaan kepada penjaga tersayang kita. Jadi, jika ada yang ingin mencari destinasi percutian untuk merayakan hari istimewa ini, marilah kunjungi Resorts World Langkawi!

Snapshots at Resorts World Genting: Mother’s Day Edition

We’ve gathered our favourite snapshots of Super Mums at seven of our iconic locations in Resorts World Genting!

6 Quintessential Tips You Should Know Before Visiting Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

Planning a school holiday excursion to Genting SkyWorlds soon? These six handy tips will help you prepare for the best day at our award-winning theme park!

4 Destinasi Makanan Terbaik Di Resorts World Awana Yang Anda Perlu Cuba!

Nikmati suasana santai semasa menjamu selera di 4 destinasi makanan terbaik di Resorts World Awana!

5 Stores to Check Out For Mother’s Day Treats at SkyAvenue

A shopping and dining experience at SkyAvenue this Mother’s Day is what mum will love! Check out these with personalized gifts, self-care, accessories and outings all available right at the peak of Genting Highlands.



Our ‘Welcome to My World’ Instagram Filter is Live!

What’s your traveller personality? Use our new AR filter and check out how it suits you with these activities in Resorts World Genting!

We Dare You To Complete This Photo-Op Challenge at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park!

Get ready to strike a pose and show off your adventurous spirit above the clouds! Take part in our thrilling photo-op challenge to capture your best moments as well as take home the bragging rights as the ultimate Genting SkyWorlds superfan! Are you up for the challenge? Let's find out!

The Sweetest Way to Spend Mother's Day at Resorts World Genting

Calling all foodie mums, check out our Mother’s Day special food promos this month!

8 Permata Tersembunyi di Resorts World Kijal

Terokai permata tersembunyi di Terengganu, terdapat banyak perkara yang dapat dilakukan di Resorts World Kijal bersama keluarga, pasangan dan sahabat andai. Makanan laut segar, bilik dengan pemandangan laut dan aktiviti keluarga semuanya tersedia lengkap di sini. Ayuh terokai permata tersembunyi!

Enjoy A Luxurious Staycation At This Award-Winning 5-Star Hotel With Picturesque Interiors

This is the only hotel in Malaysia to have won the Forbes Travel Guide five-star award for five years in a row.


欢庆云顶世界阿娃娜 37 周年,我们为您带来独家促销和优惠,让您流连忘返!

Celebrating 37 Years Of Hospitality Excellence: Let’s Plan A 2D1N Fun And Unforgettable Getaway To Resorts World Awana

If you're looking for a reason to pack your bags and head out for a nature-inspired getaway, we've got some exciting news for you. Resorts World Awana is turning 37 this year, and we're celebrating this milestone with a bang!

Discover The New Resorts World Awana That's Perfect For Staycations, Weddings & Retreats

If you're planning a staycation, or looking for possible venues for a wedding or company trip, we've got some good news.Resorts World Awana just got a makeover, and the four-star hotel at Genting Highlands has tonnes to offer, woohoo! 

This Ramadan Buffet is Certified Yummy by Akie Jack, EijaMus Vlog and more!

Jom Makan Awana at Resorts World Awana is now serving up authentic Ramadan & Raya buffets that you can’t miss! Check out what these foodie influencers have to say about this feast.

8 Sebab Mengapa Anda Perlu Bercuti ke Resorts World Langkawi

Ayuh bercuti di Resorts World Langkawi yang menyediakan keselesaan dan kelengkapan yang cukup untuk percutian anda. Ketahui resort di syurga tropika ini dengan lebih lanjut!

6 Tips For Spending A Long Weekend At Resorts World Genting

Long weekend go where? Resorts World Genting, of course! Come up and cool off with these 6 handy tips for the BEST long weekend at the peak.

10 Tawaran Menarik Di Genting Pada bulan Ramadhan & Syawal Ni! OMG Semua Best!

Dah takde idea nak berbuka di mana? Korang nak buat kelainan sikit bagi sambutan Syawal tahun ni atau korang takde plan lagi nak balik kampung mana?Jangan risau sebab Resorts World Genting akan melancarkan kempen Jom Raya bulan ni! Seronok lah kalau nak chill-chill dengan orang yang tersayang kat atas tu..sejuk je..

6 Places for Raya Shopping At SkyAvenue

SkyAvenue has got you covered with amazing promotions and options for your raya shopping spree! We’ve gathered a list of 6 places for Raya shopping at SkyAvenue for your convenience.

24 Hours Of Family-Friendly Activities At Resorts World Genting

Only able to visit our resort for a day? Check out how you can spend 24 hours up at Resorts World Genting!

11 Restoran Halal & Muslim-Friendly Di Resorts World Genting Yang Wajib Dikunjungi Di Bulan Ramadan!

Ramadan kini semakin hampir dan sudah tiba masanya untuk menikmati hidangan yang lazat bersama keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss The One Piece “The Great Era of Piracy” Asia Tour Exhibition at Resorts World Genting

Docking for 47 days at Resorts World Genting, the One Piece “The Great Era of Piracy” Asia Tour Exhibition is not to be missed! We’ll tell you all about the exhibition highlights, things to expect, and more.



Be Amazed by Upcoming Shows and Events this April and May at Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting is known for our theme parks and cooling weather but that’s not all – check out our headlining concerts and events this April & May!

10 Sebab Kenapa Crockfords Patut Menjadi Pilihan Anda

Dengan pelbagai kemudahan bertaraf dunia, pemandangan yang menakjubkan, dan khidmat pelanggan yang tidak tertandingi, tidak hairanlah bahawa Crockfords di Resorts World Genting menjadi pilihan utama untuk para pelancong yang mencari pengalaman bercuti yang tak terlupakan!

Discover fun with CoComelon high above the clouds at Resorts World Genting!

The global kids’ sensation has landed at our resort, come and play with JJ and Cody!

3 Things To Do In Langkawi If You're Longing For A Getaway In Nature

Whether you want something more adventurous or to just chill in zen mode, we've got you covered.

8 Must-Try Family-Friendly Rides At Genting SkyWorlds & Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

Get ready to let loose and laugh with family-fun rides at Genting SkyWorlds & Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, which are sure to make you forget all your worries and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Exciting Vlogs By Lebanese YouTuber Featuring Resorts World Genting

Follow Anthony Rahayel, a Lebanese YouTuber and blogger on his journey to Resorts World Genting.

Resorts World Genting 2023 Promos And Deals You Don’t Wanna Miss

Can’t decide which hot deal best suits your next holiday with us? We’ve got you sorted!

Don’t get FOMO: Here’s What's New at Resorts World Genting

Been a while since your visit to our resort? Check out what’s new before you come up for your holiday here!

幸运星期三 | 总价值180万的丰厚奖品等着您


Makanan Autentik Yang Mesti Anda Cuba di Kijal

Sampai sahaja di Kijal, anda wajib cuba makanan autentik di sini. Ada pelbagai makanan tradisi dan lokal Pantai Timur di sekitar Resorts World Kijal yang pastinya buatkan percutian anda lebih ‘best’!

5 of the Best OOTD Spots at Resorts World Genting

Proudly show off your outfit of the day (OOTD) at FIVE of these stunning locations in Resorts World Genting!

6 Makan Spots To Try At Resorts World Genting This School Holiday

Got Genting Points to spend? Dine like a gourmand with your Genting Points at these 6 restaurants at Resorts World Genting!

5 Romantic Date Ideas at 6,000ft above sea level this Valentine's Day

Take your love to greater heights with these 6 gravity-defying Valentine’s Day date ideas at Resorts World Genting!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Next Family Getaway at Resorts World Awana

Nothing exalts a staycation better than exceptional views, an engaging list of activities and tantalising meals right within a resort located in an ancient rainforest – here’s why Resorts World Awana is the place to be with your family!

4 Must-try Dishes at AYU Awana, Resorts World Awana

When in Resorts World Awana, one must always stop by AYU Awana for their delectable dishes! Make your taste buds dance in joy with the top 4 dishes you must try at AYU Awana.

Love at 6,000ft: An exciting, fun-filled 2D1N itinerary for your Valentine’s Day celebration at Resorts World Genting!

 Thinking of where to spend your Valentine’s Day with your significant other this year? Consider Resorts World Genting with this list of activities!

Food Review Akie Jack di Resorts World Genting! (Part II)

Selepas syok bermain di Taman Tema Genting SkyWorlds, sudah tentu perut pun dah berkeroncong, kan? 
Check out video food review daripada Akie Jack yang pastinya akan membuatkan anda terliur!

8 Insta-Worthy Spots In And Around Resorts World Genting That You Can't Miss Out

Always wanted to post a nice photo on your feed? Here are 8 Insta-worthy spots where you can take photos and fill your Instagram feed with them!

Here’s What Went Down at the “Welcome To My World” Event Launch

Officially launched on 5 January 2023, Resorts World Genting takes centrestage with the all-new music video debut, “Welcome to My World”.

Last minute CNY shopping? Here’s your shopping checklist at our CNY Flower Market!

Shop till you drop for festive food and decorations! Check out 6 must-buy items at Resorts World Genting’s CNY Flower Market.



Jalan-Jalan Taman Tema Genting SkyWorlds Bersama Akie Jack

Check out video reels Akie Jack “explore” permainan dan tunggangan menarik di Taman Tema Genting SkyWorlds!

想知道自己的伴侣是否有多了解你?全马(首创/顶尖)的爱情常驻表演 – 幸福万岁!

顶尖的表演者,世界级的爱情常驻表演 – 幸福万岁,只在云顶世界!

Your Complete Fun-cation Itinerary Trip to Resorts World Langkawi

Take a break from the metropolitan mayhem and don’t miss our guide to experience the best of Pulau Langkawi, and it is all started with a staycation at our newly refurbished Resorts World Langkawi.



Makan-Makan Adventure with Resorts World Genting

For over 6 months AFO Radio has collaborated with Resorts World Genting to bring you What's Up Resorts World Genting, a short and sweet segment where we highlight all the interesting attractions, activities, food and places to check out when you're at the Resorts World Genting.

5 Genting Rewards Fun Facts That Will Make You Say “OMG!”

Make your visit to our resort worthwhile with a Genting Rewards membership – here’s 5 fun facts about the Genting Rewards membership programme that will have you in awe!

3 New Dining Options at Resorts World Genting

A retreat at our resort isn’t complete without a culinary journey at our award-winning restaurants. Check out the new restaurant offerings available – it’s guaranteed that your tastebuds will be wowed!

云顶世界最美及最豪华的酒店 | 康乐福酒店


7 Reasons why you should have a luxury staycation in Crockfords, Resorts World Genting 

There’s nothing like a quick local staycation to relax and reset the mind and body so you can take on the world. If you’re looking for somewhere breezy and cool yet not too far from the city, Resorts World Genting is the place to be. Ahead, we have gleaned seven splendid reasons to book a stay at the resort’s distinguished Crockfords.