Safety & Security Tips For Your Genting Rewards Card

Your Genting Rewards card is your unique identity for earning rewards and spending Genting Points at our resort. For the safety and security of your personal information, here are some tips to ensure your Genting Rewards PIN and mobile login is not easily compromised.


  • Always keep your Genting Rewards card in a safe place
  • Cover the keypad when you input your PIN
  • Set a strong and unique password for your Genting Rewards membership account


  • Do NOT share your PIN/ password with others, not even with your friends or family. Please keep your PIN/ password confidential.
  • Do NOT share your PIN/ password via email, instant messaging apps, phone calls, SMS or any other means of communication that is not secure.
  • Do NOT pass your Genting Rewards card to others to use. You are responsible for preventing misuse of your card to avoid any unpredictable consequences that may lead to your membership being terminated.

 If you have lost your Genting Rewards card or found your Genting Rewards card being misused, please immediately reach out to us via these communication channels:

  • Email us at
  • Call us on our membership hotline at +603 6105 2028
  • Approach any Guest Services Counters at these locations:
    • Level 2, SkyCasino entrance (relocated to opposite Sky VR at Level 2, SkyAvenue on October 2023) – 24hrs operation
    • Lobby Level, Genting Grand (operation hours revised as below with effective from 25/03/24)
      • Operation hours:
        • Weekends (from Friday 0600hrs to Monday 0300hrs)
        • Weekdays (Closed)


e-CASH PIN Update

Starting 02.01.2022, Genting Rewards members will be required to update a new e-CASH PIN containing at least 6 digits. This is part of our continuous efforts to ensure a safe and secure system for all your transactions.

Visit any of these facilities today to update your e-CASH PIN on the spot:

  • Slot machine
  • Electronic Table Games (ETG) machine
  • iKiosk
  • Genting Rewards Guest Services Counter

If you need any assistance on the floor, our staff on duty will be happy to help.


What is an e-CASH PIN?
The e-CASH PIN is a secret code selected by you to prove that you are the rightful holder of the e-CASH account under a Genting Rewards card.

What is the e-CASH PIN for?
You will need the e-CASH PIN to verify certain transactions or activities in the resort, such as e-CASH withdrawal, voucher redemption, and more.

Is my current 4-digit e-CASH PIN valid after 02.01.2022?
The 4-digit e-CASH PIN will be accepted for login only once. Thereafter, you will be required to change your e-CASH PIN to a minimum of 6 digits.

I would like more information on the e-CASH PIN.
Please drop us a line at or call +603 2718 1118 for assistance.