A winter wonderland

Looking for a winter getaway without leaving the borders of home? Take a trip into SnowWorld where an European-themed winter village awaits.

Experience a sub-zero environment, complete with life-like snowfalls, changing day-to-night sceneries, warm igloo houses, and relics of ancient Roman castles. Not to mention, the Toboggan slide provides hours of fun for both adults and children alike!

Location: Level 2, First World Plaza

Temporary closed

Admission Fee

*All prices are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit and inclusive of Entertainment Duty.

Single Admission
From RM45

Children under 100cm in height must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

For the Cresta Run Slide, visitors must meet the following height and weight requirements:
Minimum height: 90cm.
Maximum weight: 70kg.

Those with the following conditions are not allowed into SnowWorld :
Visitors with asthma.
Pregnant women.
Children height below 76cm.

The following items are not allowed at SnowWorld :
Loose items.
Food and drinks.

Please observe the following rules :
Do not litter.
Do not throw ice.
Do not run inside the chamber.
No smoking.
No baby strollers and wheelchairs.

Dress code :
Winter jacket, boots, gloves, socks, and long pants.
No slippers or high heels.
No short pants.

Others :
The Management reserves the right to close the Cresta Run Slide without prior notice.

The Management will not at any time or in any manner be responsible and/or liable for any injury, fatality, sickness, or accident howsoever caused, or for any losses or damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of (whether directly or indirectly) the use of these facilities.

The King’s Feast

Join the King to dine for a lavish meal amidst the snowscape.

Centaurs On Ice

Strike a pose, puff your chest and flaunt your hooves!


Cling on to your dear life, or risk being the griffin's next meal!

Knight On Horse

Emerge as heroes when you march home in victory!

Falling Bridge

Quick, lend your strength to save the falling bridge!

Space Portal

Another dimension calls!

Witches’ Lair

Wonder what's bubbling in the witches' cauldron? It's you!


Let your portrait paint a thousand words.