Welcome to Genting SkyWay!

Spanning across 3.38km in just 15 minutes, Genting SkyWay takes you from Gohtong Jaya Station to Highlands Station at the peak.  Along the journey, you can get a wonderful view of a historic 130 million-year-old rainforest below while riding over the hilly landscape of Genting Highlands.

Operating Hours:
7am – 11pm (15 – 19.07.2024)

Gohtong Jaya Station, Genting SkyWay Complex
Highlands Station, Highlands Hotel

Ticket Pricing

Pricing for Standard Gondola is applicable at Genting SkyWay in the event that the Awana SkyWay is closed for maintenance.

Standard Gondola

One-way RM10 l Return RM18

  • Ride on Standard gondola
  • Shared ride (8 passengers per gondola)
  • Normal boarding lane
Standard Gondola With Express Boarding

One-way RM16 l Return RM30

  • Ride on Standard gondola
  • Shared ride (8 passengers per gondola)
  • Express boarding lane
Standard Gondola*
Ticket Type One-Way Return 
Malaysian Senior CitizenRM5RM9
Malaysian Senior Citizen (Express Boarding)RM9RM17
Oversized BaggageRM20RM35
Genting Rewards*   

*Not applicable Online
Chartered Gondola

One-way RM300 l Return RM550

  • Ride on Standard gondola
  • Private cable car ride (non-sharing)
  • Passenger limit: 8 passengers per Standard Gondola
  • Express boarding lane