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  • Genting Malaysia Berhad (GENM) Internship Programme provides opportunities for students to apply academic learning to real world experience. Through this experience, students will have the opportunity to develop workplace aptitude, as well as to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their chosen career path. GENM Internship Programme also provides students with focused and structured learning, giving them hands-on experience in handling projects, decision-making, meeting timelines, and working with personnel of various levels across departments. We have incorporated the

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    whereby we want our interns to be able to apply these principles once they complete their internship.
  • Testimonials From Our Interns

    Bachelor of Hospitality Management
    University Utara Malaysia
    Hotel Division
    February 2016 – August 2016
    I have no regrets undergoing my industrial training with Genting Malaysia. This experience has provided me with hands-on experience that cannot be gained in the classroom. During my 6-month internship, I was assigned to various departments, including a Chinese cuisine restaurant, an international buffet restaurant, hotel front office, housekeeping, and butler services. It was a great opportunity to be given the chance to experience various job scopes at different levels.

    It was also exciting being able to face different challenges which have nurtured my professional growth and helped me improve my communication and customer service skills. I am grateful to have had good supervisors who were always patient and supportive. For students who are still wondering where to undergo your internship, give Genting Malaysia a try. Do not be afraid to fail as we all learn from our failures and move on to the next challenge. If we are not prepared to accept failure, we are not prepared for growth!

    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
    Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
    June 2016 –September 2016
    Interning with the Engineering department was like being in a family unit, where everyone helps each other out. Through my time here, my colleagues and mentor were always willing to guide me. I have improved my social skills and am now able to understand how the knowledge I learned in the classroom be applied in the real world.

    The work environment at the resort is very unique. Besides the cooling weather, interns are entitled to free accommodation and meal allowances. Genting Malaysia also provides other facilities such as a staff swimming pool, gym, staff recreation centre, medical facility and, more importantly, free cable car rides! So what are you waiting for? Start applying now. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

    Bachelor of Art in Journalism
    California State University
    Public Relations
    June 2016 – August 2016

    My internship with Genting Malaysia was a relatively short one but it has definitely strengthened my capabilities in different aspects. From the work that I have done, to the people with varying levels of experience and positions, there was always something positive to take away from those interactions. It has been an honour being able to work with an internationally-renowned corporation. I am thankful for the opportunity that Genting Malaysia has provided me, that is, being able to meet great and inspiring people and learning from them. It would be a lie to say there were no issues during my internship. However, it was those challenges that have allowed me to learn the most valuable lessons and improve myself. All in all, this internship has equipped me with skills and values that have made me more confident in facing bigger things in the future.

    Bachelor of Engineering (Bioprocess Engineering)
    University Malaysia Perlis
    Food Safety Laboratory
    June 2016 –September 2016
    During my 10-week internship at Genting Malaysia, I was assigned to the Food Safety Laboratory. I consider myself lucky as it was a great platform for me to learn and develop professionally. I am grateful to have had the chance to meet so many wonderful and professional people who guided me throughout this internship period. Despite having hectic schedules and duties, the Food Safety team always spent time to listen, guide and keep me on the right path within an esteemed organisation. I would like to recommend interested students to apply for an internship with Genting Malaysia as you will get opportunity to enjoy many benefits such as allowance, accommodation, recreation facilities and many more, in addition to a great learning experience. Never stop learning because life doesn’t stop teaching!

    Bachelor of Financial Planning
    Quest International University Perak
    Regulatory Compliance
    July 2016 – October 2016
    My internship experience with the Regulatory Compliance department was a great opportunity for me. The department’s scope involves numerous data analysis projects which ensuring the company’s adherence to obligations underlying the Anti-Money Laundering Acts (AMLA). I learned a lot throughout my internship – I got the chance to conduct compliance testing and perform data analysis on customers’ gaming activities among many others. It was an interesting experience to be part of the department’s data analyst team and to be entrusted with private and confidential information.

    Apart from work, I enjoyed the spring-like cool weather in Genting and all the employee benefits like free accommodation, meal allowances, free cable car ride, free clinical treatment, gyms and sports facilities and others. This experience has shaped me into a well-rounded person and I am ready to expand my career in the future. I truly believe that this internship programme is a good stepping stone for all undergraduates.

    Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology
    University Tunku Abdul Rahman
    Total Quality Management
    May 2016 – September 2016
    Interning at Genting Malaysia was such an honour and privilege. Indeed, working in such large company adds an interesting dimension to my curricular vitae but the experiences and opportunities for growth that I gained are priceless.

    As a TQM intern, I was exposed to a lot of trainings and programmes which allowed me to hone my skills, especially the ones that cannot be learned in the classroom. I had the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions, which made me feel like I was being treated as an equal member of the team.

    There were a lot of great moments here but what I enjoyed the most was the colleagues that I worked with. They never failed to take time out of their schedules to teach and explain everything to me. Genting Malaysia has given me invaluable resources and exposure. For students out there who are interested, please do not hesitate to apply for the GENM Internship. It will be worth it!

    Bachelor of Communication (HONS) Public Relations
    Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
    Theme Park Marketing
    May 2016 - August 2016
    It’s such a blessing to be able to join the Genting Malaysia Internship Programme. Throughout the internship, I was able to develop my communication skills and widen my social network, which is vital to a Public Relations practitioner. In addition, Genting provides a platform for undergraduates to learn more about the real world by getting valuable work exposure.

    Besides that, we are provided with accommodation and sufficient meal allowances. We also have free access to facilities such as the cable car, library, and recreation centre, among others. In a nutshell, this internship has given me the opportunity to gain significant work experience and a better understanding of my skills and strengths.

    Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil Engineering
    Universiti Sains Malaysia
    June 2016 – August 2016
    : I consider myself lucky to have joined the GENM Internship Programme at the right time as I was given the opportunity to participate in the Theme Park construction project. Working for such mega project in such a unique environment is something that I would not be able to obtain elsewhere. I have gained and learned a lot throughout this internship, from site technical experience to management, planning, problem solving and communication skills. Working in this department has also given me a wider view on the project operation.

    Apart from work, numerous benefits are offered for the interns here, such as free accommodation, meal allowance, and sports and recreational facilities. An internship with Genting Malaysia is definitely an enjoyable and memorable experience!

    Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing Management
    Segi College Penang |University of Sunderland
    Promotions & Entertainment
    May 2016 – August 2016
    I had a good experience undergoing my internship with Genting Malaysia and am glad for the opportunity to be part of this huge organisation. My colleagues were friendly, helpful and always guided me throughout my internship period. Although I only interned for a short duration, I was given the chance to correspond with performers and coordinate several events. I even participated in organising a private event at the exclusive Genting Club. Opportunities like these really helped me gain invaluable experience, which I would not have obtained in the classroom.

    Among the perks I enjoyed included free accommodation and meal allowances, which relieved some of the financial burdens as a student. I would highly recommend interested students to join the Genting Malaysia Internship Programme.

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