Hong Kong-style comfort food

Location: SkyAvenue, Level 1 entrance of SkyCasino

The ‘cha chaan teng’ is a Hong Kong concept which brings together Chinese and Western food in what is known as a ‘tea restaurant’. As the name alludes, tea restaurants serve tea, most notably the strong, tannic, brewed tea strained through a tea sock, then laced with evaporated milk. This tea, traditionally drunk hot, accompanies little bites of Chinese pastries such as the famous egg tarts and Bo Lo Buns. These little meals allow busy Hong Kongers a respite from the city bustle, and cha chaan tengs have expanded to serve full meals of both Chinese and Western food, with some interesting fusion crossings. 

Grand Cha Chaan Teng is Resorts World Genting’s nod to this popular aspect of Hong Kong culture. Designed on a far larger scale, Grand Cha Chaan Teng is located in SkyCasino, Level 1. Serving both guests and gaming patrons, Grand Cha Chaan Teng lives up to its name with both its 526-seating capacity, as well as its striking design. The 1,012 sqm space draws inspiration from the wash of colours of traditional Chinese opera costumes, and the artistry of oriental chinaware. 

Operating around the clock, the outlet’s menu encompasses all the favourites found in a cha chaan teng, with additional food items from Nanyang and Cantonese cuisines, all fully prepared by chefs trained in the preparation of these tea house staples. Menu staples include dim sum served from 7am to 2pm which draw from the most popular of Chinese tapas. Selections include crystal prawn dumplings with asparagus (har kaw), chicken and shrimp dumplings with mushrooms (siu mai), glutinous rice with chicken and mushrooms, steamed pork ribs with Chinese yam, barbecued char siu pau, and mini custard egg tarts. 

Small bites and snacks include bo lo buns (known as ‘pineapple buns’ for the pattern of the butter and sugar crust on top of the buns), with an assortment of accompaniments including butter, truffle, and scrambled eggs. There are also a variety of baguettes and toast for those wanting a smaller meal. 

Diners can choose from an array of expertly roasted items – duck, chicken, pork belly and char siu - served with rice for heartier meals, or opt for a delectable selection of rice-based meals including nasi lemak, nasi sambal udang, kampung-style fried rice, and the char chaan teng staple of baked marinated pork chop rice with tomato concasse and cheese.

Also available is a range of local noodle favourites ranging from Penang char kuey teow, wantan noodles, curry laksa, fish head meehoon and beef tendon noodles. For additional warmth in the cool mountain air, there is also a selection of soup and congee. The latter also features in the supper menu served from 10.30pm to 5.30am. Teochew pork rib pepper soup, yong tau foo kway teow soup, and Singapore fried meehoon are also available for supper. 

Like all tea houses of note, Grand Cha Chaan Teng serves a long list of hot and cold beverages, and premium teas. Alongside the traditional sock tea are assorted milk teas, and special beverages such as the alcohol-infused golden Jiang Xiang latte, red beans blended with cream, and the staple sour plum with Coca-Cola. 

The outlet also has a premium menu for VIP members which offer luxury takes of popular favorites such as World Top Heritage Gourmet Award-winning Chef David’s BBQ Roast selection, oven-baked egg tarts which melts in the mouth, abalone and mushroom tarts, crispy yam puffs filled with black pepper goose liver, congee with sliced abalone, scallops and dried scallops, double-boiled sea treasures soup, abalone and seafood selections, as well as live seafood in an assortment of styles. 

Grand Cha Chaan Teng operates daily on a 24-hour basis, with some menu items available exclusively for breakfast or supper. There are take-away counters for those wanting to eat on the go, while table service is available throughout both the VIP and regular dining areas.

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