Premium soup base and fresh ingredients

Proudly operated by Resorts World Genting, our restaurant offers a unique hotpot dining experience at the top of the hills. Choose from eight different broths made of quality ingredients and an impressive assortment of premium cuts, handmade meatballs, and fresh seafood platter. Our organic vegetables are harvested from our very own Greenhouse located within Genting Secret Garden Hotpot.

No hotpot meal is complete without the perfect dipping sauce. At Genting Secret Garden Hotpot, you can assemble your dip and choose from more than 20 dipping sauces.


Soup base:
Nourishing Fish Maw Chicken Soup Pot and Chef’s Special Tomato Soup Pot
Genting Secret Gardens Basket: Fresh vegetables from our very own Genting Secret Garden that are hand-picked daily. Optionally served with a platter of meat/seafood.


Location: Level 2, Highlands Hotel

Lunch: 12nn - 3pm
Dinner: 5pm - 10pm

To make a reservation, please contact 03-61059301.

Available from 12pm - 2pm, Monday to Thursday
All you can eat for 90 mins only, minimum 2 pax dining 

Twin pot:
Chef’s special tomato soup pot and wild tea with Chinese herb pot.

Grass prawn, baby octopus, Toman fish, fish paste and Japanese crab sticks.

Pork belly, pork slices, pork liver, pork sausages, luncheon meat, Nagano pork collar and pork and chive dumplings.

Chicken chunks, assorted skewers (chicken) and sliced chicken thigh.

Bean curd:
Japanese bean curd, water tofu and fried bean curd skin.

Enoki mushroom, abalone mushroom and black fungus.

Curled kale, pak choy green, pak choy white, choy sum, Chinese cabbage, white radish and lotus root.

Fish noodle and potato wide vermicelli. 

RM48 (Genting basket with meat)
RM68 (Genting basket with meat & seafood)