Who can apply for the Genting Malaysia Scholarship?

Any Malaysian citizen, who wishes to pursue an undergraduate degree, provided they meet the requirements stated in the terms and conditions.

What are the criteria for applying for the Genting Malaysia Scholarship?

All applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Malaysian citizen aged 23 years and below.
  • Must be waiting for admission to pursue a full-time degree course or studying in a local university or overseas university.
  • Must possess the requisite pre-university qualification:
    • STPM: minimum 3 As, OR
    • Diploma: CGPA 3.0 or above, OR
    • A-Level: minimum 3 As, OR
    • Australian TER: minimum 90.0, OR
    • Recognized foundation/Diploma: equivalent to CGPA 3.0 or above, OR
    • International Baccalaureate: minimum 36.0, OR
  • Strong leadership skills demonstrated through active participation in extra-curricular activities.
  • Family household income not exceeding RM5,000.00 per month.
  • Not presently holding other scholarships or study loans.
  • For the preferred fields and approved universities, please refer to FAQ.

Do I need to be accepted by a university to apply?

Yes, applicants must have secured an unconditional offer or acceptance letter from a local university or foreign university prior to receiving the scholarship award. However, applicants who are awaiting admission/acceptance to a university may also apply. Scholarships will only be awarded once applicants have gained acceptance to the university.

What are the local universities preferred / accepted by Genting Malaysia Berhad?

Genting Malaysia Berhad accepts:

How do I know if my course is recognized or accepted as eligible for the scholarship?

You may verify whether your course is recognized via the following links:

  • Overseas Studies – Public Service Department at http://www.interactive.jpa.gov.my/webinteraktif/frmMainIktiraf.asp
  • Local Private Studies – Malaysian Qualifications Agency at http://www.mqa.gov.my/

Note: Courses listed in the links above are recognized by Malaysia only.

How do I apply for the Genting Malaysia Scholarship?

All applications must be submitted online via www.rwgenting.com/GENMscholarship Complete the form by filling in all relevant fields. Incomplete forms will be rejected. Attach scanned copies of the following documents together with your application:

  • Parent's / Guardian's Income Tax J-Form or EA/EC Form and BE/B
  • Education certificates (STPM/A-Level and/or Diploma certificates, university acceptance / offer letter, etc.)
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Updated résumé - including your co-curricular / extra-curricular activities, achievements and certificates, professional qualifications, etc
  • 1 (one) page PowerPoint summary of yourself, illustrating your personal profile, aspirations, academic background, and any other relevant facts

The total file size of the attached documents should not exceed 6MB and each attachment is limited to 500KB. You will not be able to submit your application if the total file size exceeds 6MB or if any of the attachments exceed 500KB.

How do I know that Genting Malaysia Berhad has received my application?Only shortlisted applicants will be notified for further assessment and/or interview. Therefore, please ensure that all contact details provided in the application form are accurate.

How do I know whether I am shortlisted?

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified for further assessment and/or interview. Therefore, please ensure that all contact details provided in the application form are accurate.

Can I appeal if I am not shortlisted?

All decisions made by the committee are final. No appeals will be entertained.

What is the coverage of the Genting Malaysia Scholarship?

Genting Malaysia Scholarship offers in:

  • Local Public University
  • Local Private University
  • Overseas University

All scholarship includes full tuition fees + cost of living allowance + misc. fees + 1 return flight ticket (up to 4 years & whichever applicable)

If I do not complete the programme or fail to obtain the undergraduate degree, do I need to repay Genting Malaysia Berhad?

Yes, you will need to reimburse the total amount disbursed by Genting Malaysia Berhad.

Do I need to provide guarantors for this scholarship?

Yes, all successful applicants will be required to provide two (2) guarantors. Guarantors must be either employed or self-employed. Your family members can be your guarantors, but only one of your parents may fill this role. The second guarantor has to be someone else other than your parent.

Will I be bonded with Genting Malaysia Berhad upon graduation?

Yes, you will need to serve a Compulsory Service Period (CSP) with Genting Malaysia Berhad upon graduation, which offers you an opportunity to learn our business operations and build a career with us.

What are the scholar’s obligations?

Genting Malaysia Berhad scholars are required to:

  • Complete their studies as planned
  • Achieve the minimum scores required
  • Complete the Compulsory Service Period (CSP) as stated in the Scholarship Agreement

Can children of Genting Malaysia Berhad employees apply for this scholarship?

Yes, the Genting Malaysia Scholarship is open to all including employees’ children so long as the required criteria are met.

What is the minimum grade that students need to maintain as Genting Malaysia Berhad scholars?

Students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0 and above OR 2nd Class Honours and above (for overseas students) OR it’s equivalent in academic achievement, and also maintain active participation in co-curricular activities.

For more information/enquiries/assistance, you may email to scholarship@rwgenting.com and we will attend to your email within two (2) working days.