Every year, the historical kitchens specially designated for making mooncakes open their doors at Resorts World Genting signifying the onset of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

It also marks a time for family and friends to bond while savouring mooncakes in an age-old celebration. The harvest festival, which falls on 17 September this year, is the second most significant Chinese festival after the new year. As per annual tradition, Resorts World Genting (RWG) will be offering a delectable selection of new and timeless flavours from 1 July until 17 September 2024.

Helming the kitchen along with highly-skilled bakers is renowned Master Dim Sum Chef, Gan Chee Keong who makes mooncakes with prodigious skill using pork-free ingredients.

The chef, who has been making dim sum for decades, says that knowing how to make mooncakes is one part of being a certified dim sum chef. The quality of RWG’s mooncakes has never been compromised over the years because each part is made from scratch using natural ingredients for every step from baking to packaging.

New Flavours of Mooncakes

Four captivating flavours are being introduced this year, to tantalise your tastebuds: Dragon Fruit with Single Yolk (RM23 nett), White Lotus with Durian Jingsa (RM23 nett), Ng Yan Nuts with Truffle Oil (RM28 nett), and Pandan Snow Skin (RM22 nett). The last two will only be available from 18 August onwards.


The dragon fruit flavour in particular stands out this year as it’s a new creation in the market and it’s a unique flavour that can’t be found elsewhere. Also note the unique dragon detail on the mooncake that has been custom-made for this new release.

Best-selling Mooncake Flavours

Those who prefer to stick to the classics can indulge in flavours like red bean which have delighted RWG’s visitors for years. This includes the Ng Yan Assorted Nuts (RM28 nett), Lotus Paste with Double Yolk (RM25 nett), Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (RM23 nett), Pu Er Lotus Paste with Single Yolk (RM23 nett), Golden Jade with Single Yolk (RM23 nett), Low Sugar White Lotus Paste (RM22 nett), Green Tea Lotus Paste (RM22 nett), and Red Bean (RM19 nett).

Aside from mooncakes, there are other Flavours of Genting products for you to gift to loved ones. For those who love a spicy kick, Sambal Dried Shrimp and Sambal Anchovies are available for sale. Beautifully baked God of Wealth Cookies (RM8 nett/2 pieces per pack), Pineapple Tarts, and Durian Biscuits will be sold.


Bundle Sets

Sets will be available, perfect as gifts for loved ones packaged in elegant rectangular blue and pink boxes, which depict the mountains of China in Spring as flowers are in full bloom, with cranes flying overhead. Four sets are priced from RM108-RM118, each offering four different flavours.

The mooncakes are available at kiosks around RWG daily from 10 am to 10 pm at:
• The Bakery, Genting Grand
• Coffee Terrace Entrance, Genting Grand
• Lobby Floor, First World Hotel
• Malaysian Food Street Entrance, Level 4, SkyAvenue (12 pm – 8 pm)

Purchases over the counter are entitled to:
• 30% Early Bird discount from 01 – 31.07.2024
• 30% Early Bird discount from 01 – 31.07.2024 (full payment before 31.07.2024 and collect later)
• 15% off on purchases between 20 – 99 boxes from 01.08.2024 (with four mooncakes per box)
• 30% off on purchases above 100 boxes from 01.08.2024 (with four mooncakes per box)

You may also purchase online at rwgenting.com and enjoy:
• 30% off from 01.07 – 17.08.2024
• Normal Price from 18.08 – 17.09.2024
• Pay online and collect before 10.09.2024