So you’ve booked a stay at the historic Resorts World Kijal and you’re counting down the days to the time you arrive on its shores.

You know about the pristine beaches and 1km long strip of private sand, you know about the Malay-inspired building, and the large outdoor pool and water activities for kids. But what else?

You’re probably wondering how you can maximise your time there and not waste a single second of your holiday. Well, this 3 day 2 nights itinerary for things to do at Resorts World Kijal is for you.

Watch fireflies and release baby turtles


For a full breakdown of what the baby turtle releasing experience is like, read this article we did. Basically, you’ll be able to release two baby turtles. During the day the package also includes 2 days of breakfast at the beach.

Relax on Friday with dinner by the ocean and prepare to help the conservation of turtles in the afternoon the next day. After a quick nap, head out to Cherating to watch fireflies.

The firefly package includes breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children and return boat trips to Cherating.

Do note that firefly watching is a 2-hour activity from 8pm to 10pm so parents travelling with young children should take note of that. Be prepared with mosquito repellent and no flash photography.

The tour includes a guided tour of the mangroves where you’ll learn about the trees as well as what makes it special to the region.

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Learn about squid jigging under the stars

If you’ve spent time at night around coasts in Malaysia you would have noticed rows of boats with bright green lights lining the horizon. 

Well, with this package you can find out just how those boats catch squid, albeit from a jetty. This 3D2N package includes a trip for 8 to go on a squid jigging excursion at Kijal.

Learn why it’s called jigging and not fishing, and learn about how fishermen catch squid. Best of all, you can request for Resorts World Kijal’s staff to cook the fresh squid on the spot for a small fee. 


After a buffet breakfast by the beach, spend the morning at the beachside jacuzzi or try your hand at riding ATVs nearby. 

Squid jigging is from 4.30pm to 11pm on the second day of your trip and the fee includes all the essentials: storage box, ice, mineral water, and insurance.

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Go on a fishing adventure

Probably the most exciting activity on the list is the 3D2N Seascape Fishing Adventure at Resorts World Kijal. 

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris and get yourself some sunscreen because the voyage starts at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm.


Seasoned fishermen will enjoy sea fishing for the challenge and the big rewards you reel in. What’s more, you can bring your haul back to the hotel for the chefs to cook up an amazing dinner with your fresh catch—at a minimal cost to boot!

This itinerary requires a minimum of 8 people so bring your best buds, good food, and good drinks so you can enjoy fishing the day away.

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