• Bosses roll up sleeves to learn housekeeping duties

    With comfortable hotel beds and clean rooms across Resorts World Genting’s hotels, it is easy to forget all the hard work that goes into making them look so welcoming.

    On May 23, 2016, eight senior managers rolled up their sleeves to learn the in-and-outs of housekeeping with the Genting Grand housekeeping team, as part of the Partner with Department programme.

    It was a very special morning as VP FWH Victor Foo, VP Security Mr Khor Hai Peng, VP Resorts Planning Mr Tey Chun Kee, SVP IT Mr Yong Way En, SVP Sales & Marketing Mr Rocky Too, VP ESI Mr Jimmy Wong and VP Surveillance Mr Low Fook Siang showed up in the vibrant purple housekeeping uniforms, ready to get down to business.

    To facilitate the learning process, the senior managers were paired with a staff member each. The eight teams kicked off the programme by preparing the carts in the housekeeping storage and later moving them to the respective rooms.

    Chatters and laughter were heard across the hallway as the senior managers get ready for their assigned tasks – from replacing the bed linens to vacuuming the room, dusting the furniture and even cleaning the bathrooms and toilets.

    Each team began with a rocky start. Bed sheets had to be changed three times before they perfected it, cleaning sessions exceeded the allocated 45-minute time frame and tiny edges of the rooms were missed.

    Nevertheless, the senior managers were quick learners. Coupled with their skilled partners, they got into the groove of things in no time.

    By the end of the programme, the senior managers gained a fresh perspective on the issues faced by the housekeeping team. Among them was the need to replace outdated furniture and vacuum machines, and improve the segregation of waste.

    It was also pointed out that the housekeeping tasks could be carried out more efficiently with motorised carts.

    The housekeeping assistants also gave the senior managers two thumbs up for their genuine interest and commitment in performing the various duties.

    The programme ended on a high note as senior managers and their respective partners parted ways with a deeper understanding of each other. This set a great start for the next two Partner with Department editions in the Slots & Casino Marketing and Food & Beverage departments.

    Here are some comments from the senior managers and housekeeping assistants:

    Mr Jimmy Wong, VP ESI
    “Once you get into the motion of it, you get a deeper sense of appreciation for the work that they do in order to keep the room clean everyday for the hotel.”

    Mr Yong Way En, SVP IT
    “It definitely looks tougher than I originally thought. I think it’s all about attention to detail.”

    Mr Tey Chun Kee, VP Resorts Planning
    “It’s been a very good experience and I look forward to exploring more areas within housekeeping and see if there are any other areas that I can be involved in.”

    Angie, Housekeeping Assistant
    “I feel extremely happy being partnered with Mr Paul Baker. Overall, I strongly recommend the senior managers from other departments to join employees in their daily tasks in order to further strengthen the relationship between the employees and bosses.”

    Yusmahizan, Housekeeping Assistant
    “The experience was enjoyable although I felt nervous at times. But I took it as a challenge.”

    Shukri, Housekeeping Assistant
    “I feel very proud that I was able to work alongside the senior managers. They learned well today and I’m very satisfied with their performances.”

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