• Looking for a gift for that special someone? Our Spa packages are designed to combine our most popular treatments for maximum enjoyment, while providing savings too. From two-and-half hours to a full day at the Spa, select the package that's perfect for you.

    Member/Non Member : RM718 / RM898 (180 min treatment)

    (30 min body scrub + 60 min body wrap + 60 min body massage + private jacuzzi)

    A complete treatment to bring out your inner glow with a relaxing private jacuzzi to complete your experience. *

    *Complimentary Foot Bath Ritual

    Member/Non Member : RM598 / RM738 (150 min treatment)

    (45 min tamarind and oatmeal body scrub + 60 min milk and honey wrap + 45 min milk and honey bath)

    Cleopatra, one of the most magnetic and seductive women in history, knew the secret to beautiful skin lay in moisturizing and buffing. Feel like a queen with this hydrating, exfoliating treatment. *

    *Complimentary Foot Bath Ritual

    Member/Non Member : RM388 / RM488 (120 min treatment)

    (30 min body scrub + 90 min body massage)

    Spa Tips: Perfect treatment after seated for long time and jet leg

    *Complimentary Foot Bath Ritual

    Member/Non Member : RM398 / RM488 (90 min treatment)

    (20mins body wrap, 60mins body massage, body moisturizer)

    This unique holistic, healing black magma dates back over 40,000 years. As warm Aromatic Moor Mud rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes is generously applied to the entire body, sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated. It is renowned for relieving pain from rheumatism and arthritis, helping to control cramps and boosts the body's immune system. This superb mud offers a gentle thermal action which stimulates and invigorates the body bringing a state of deep relaxation and well being. *

    *Complimentary Foot Bath Ritual

    Member/Non Member : RM308 / RM388 (90 min treatment)

    (30 Min Body Scrub + 60 Min Body Massage)

    *Complimentary Foot Bath Ritual

    Member/Non Member : RM398 / RM488 (120 min treatment)

    (20mins Body Exfoliation, 20mins body wrap, 60mins body massage, body moisturizer)

    Cleanse, exfoliate and polish away dead skin and impurities as well as to improve circulation and refine the epidermis. With a blend of chamomile, sage, rosemary and lemon oil to encourage the sense of calmness. The absolutely wonderful cooling body wrap is the ultimate remedy against sunburn and irritated skin as it spoils with additional moisture and hydration. Naturally decreases skin's temperature and burning sensation. Freshly Water lily, green tea and chamomile extract will spread on the whole body to revitalize and re-balances skin's pH

    *Complimentary Foot Bath Ritual

    Member/Non-Member : RM688/RM738

    30 minutes body scrubs
    60 minutes massage
    60 minutes facial

    Rejuvenate yourself with a special cleansing body treatment using Oatmeal and Tamarind. The fresh blend of oatmeal, tamarind and honey, and mixed with fresh water melon juice, this scrub gently removes died skin cells, and softens and nourishes the skin and continue with the signature Balinese massage. Revitalize yourself with Valmont facial to complete your Spa experience.