• Experience what can happen to your nails in the hands of our professional manicure and pedicure specialists. This rejuvenating treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling thoroughly pampered.

    Ladies – Manicure by OPI (60 min) RM268
    Men – Manicure by OPI (60 min) RM288

    Intensive therapy for dry and parched hands. It exfoliates with natural sugar crystals, with an effervescent soak that brightens nails and revitalises hands. Followed by a hand massage using Avoplex hand care lotion to revitalise, soothe and condition dry hands and skin. Includes deep penetrating advanced lipid complex, antioxidant Vitamin C, soothing allontoin and aloe for softer skin.

    Ladies – Spa Manicure by OPI (90 min) RM298
    Men – Spa Manicure by OPI (90 min) RM318

    A deluxe citrus 'facial' for the hands is the ultimate anti-aging and rehydrating treatment. Gentle thermal treatments are applied to hands, followed by a mild exfoliation, cuticle treatment and buffing. Your manicurist will then apply soothing cucumber and antioxidant pineapple extracts, plus a vitamin and emollient complex masque to your hands which have an ultra hydrating effect. This is followed by a moisturising massage and finished off with the application of the lustrous polish of your choice.

    Ladies – Pedicure by OPI (60 min) RM298
    Men – Pedicure by OPI (60 min) RM308

    Sit back, relax and let yourself be pampered! This intensive pedicure begins with a foot bath consisting of an OPI grapefruit and tea tree soak, followed by a callus softener with a slightly heavier application on affected areas. Then, an exfoliation using natural sugar crystals to reduce calluses and banish dry, rough skin. Botanical extracts, antioxidant vitamins E and A, and OPI's Avocado Lipid Complex provide a silky smooth massage and the ideal lightweight moisturising finish. PEDICURE

    Ladies – Spa Pedicure by OPI (90 min) RM368
    Men – Spa Pedicure by OPI (90 min) RM388

    A luxurious 'facial' for the feet. This spa pedicure includes a warm foot bath, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, and gentle exfoliation. Ultra hydrating shea butter extract and OPI's Avocado Lipid Complex masque are then applied to protect and repair your skin, followed by a relaxing massage and deep penetrating AHA treatment that softens calluses and restores skin pliability. Soothes and revitalises with natural botanical extracts while working like an invisible glove to protect skin. Finishes with the application of the lustrous polish of your choice.
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