• Genting Rewards Annual Tier Review
  • Days
  • Collect Tier Points by 31.12.2018 to extend your tier privileges for another year!

    To retain your membership tier in the next calendar year, you will need to meet the minimum Tier Point requirement by December 31. Otherwise, your membership tier will be reclassified to its equivalent tier on January 1.

    Minimum Tier Point requirement by December 31
    Card type Total Tier Points
    GoldPlus Min. 3,000 Tier Points
    Gold/ SkyGold Min. 500 Tier Points
    Silver/ SkySilver Min. 100 Tier Points
    Classic/ SkyClassic 99 Tier Points or less

    Collect your Tier Points today!

    Step 1:

    Show your Genting Rewards card
    Get 1 Tier Point with every 1 Genting Point you earn when you spend with your card

    Step 2:

    Check your points
    Log in to iKiosk, Resorts World Genting mobile app, or Genting Rewards website to track balance

    Read our FAQ below for more information.

  • What is a tier review?
    Membership tiers are reviewed annually based on your total Tier Points. Tier Points are valid only in the calendar year in which they are earned and will be reset to zero on January 1 every year. If you do not meet the minimum Tier Point requirement to retain your membership tier by December 31, your membership will be reclassified to the next lower tier on January 1 in this descending order:

    For Genting Rewards:
    GoldPlus > Gold > Silver > Classic

    For SkyCard:
    SkyGold > SkySilver > SkyClassic

    What happens if my membership is reclassified?
    Privileges tied to your existing membership card will be revoked immediately. To unlock benefits with your new membership tier, you will need to exchange your card for a new one at a Genting Rewards membership center at the resort.

    What happens if I do not replace my membership card after a tier reclassification?
    You will not be able to carry out any transaction using your existing card, including earning and redeeming Genting Points.

    What can I do to maintain or upgrade my membership tier?
    All you need is to accrue enough Tier Points by December 31 to meet the minimum requirement of your membership tier:

    For Gold/ SkyGold membership = min. 300 Tier Points
    For Silver/ SkySilver membership = min. 100 Tier Points
    *Minimum Tier Points not required to maintain Classic/ SkyClassic

    If you have accrued enough Tier Points for a higher membership tier, the change in status is reflected immediately in the same calendar year, and also applies for the next calendar year.

    What are Tier Points?
    Tier Points have no monetary value and are used solely to decide your membership tier. You will get 1 Tier Point with every 1 Genting Point you earn.

    How do I earn Tier Points?
    Tier Points can be earned resort-wide through gaming* and non-gaming activities. With RM100 spend, you will earn 1 Genting Point and 1 Tier Point. There are more than 200 participating outlets at the resort where you can spend with your Genting Rewards card, including shopping, dining, entertainment, transportation and hotel accommodation.

    *SkyCards are not accepted at the casino

    Will my Tier Points expire?
    Tier Points are only applicable for the calendar year in which they are earned, and will reset to zero on January 1 of every calendar year. However, this does not impact your Genting Points.

    How can I check my Tier Points?
    You can check your points when you log in to your account on www.rwgenting.com/gentingrewards , the Resorts World Genting mobile app, or an iKiosk anywhere at the resort.

    What about the GoldPlus membership tier?
    The GoldPlus membership will be discontinued starting 01.01.2019. As such, existing GoldPlus members who retained 3,000TP by 31.12.2018 will be eligible for an invitation to upgrade to a one-year Platinum membership in 2019.

    Existing GoldPlus members who accrued less than 3,000TP will be reclassified to the next lower tier i.e. Gold membership.