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    HIGH Life goes on a relic hunt for some of the best and most exquisite modern-day sculptures in Resorts World Genting’s very own compounds. Amid your getaway atop the hills, be treated to a feast of the most eye-catching and ever inspiring masterpieces of our time.


    Genting Rouge, Resorts World Genting


    Etched with the notion of escapism, Genting Rouge is a prestigious club like no other. It emanates the allure and promise of indulging and satisfying your every whim and desire in a private unconstrained sanctuary. It is the ultimate after-hours playing field especially crafted for the elite, that enchants its discerning clientele through tasteful craftsmanship, remarkably curated arts, crowned with the personification of individualised service.

    Genting Rouge is the only place where glamour meets grandeur, classical arts meets the modern contemporary pieces and the best of the old and the latest of masterpieces collide.

    One notable art fixture is the Swarovski crystal dragon which hangs majestically across a dimly lit space. Its radiance, regal form and the magnetic glint in the creature’s eyes, a thing that one cannot help but be drawn to. The elegant dragon fixture is surrounded by an aptly designed space which draws inspiration from the golden era of Shanghai in the 1930s. The designer and art curator of the space, Alan Chan, opted for Art Deco, a rather eclectic design that saw its boom in the same era of inspiration. The space exudes traditional decorative styles of ancient cultures, while still honouring modern innovations.


    Horse by Fernando Botero, Resorts World Genting



    Considered as one of the most recognised Latin American artist alive today, Fernando Botero’s art pieces are housed in some of the world’s most prestigious sites, including Park Avenue in New York City and the Champs-Élysées in Paris to name a few. Resorts World Genting is also on the list to be honoured with the presence of ‘Horse’, a Botero sculpture that was completed in 2013, in Tuscany as the third edition of its same variation.

    Botero initiated the sculptures of animals in exaggerated volumes and proportions during his time in Paris. Boterismo is Botero’s own version of Baroque art that is crafted through the observation of rules of clarity, rhythm and harmony to achieve a sculpture that is sensually sculpted and exaggerated into his very own. The style often depicts people and figures in large magnified and hyperbolic proportions, which is, depending on the piece, either represented with political criticism or humour.

    ‘Horse’, in particular, shows a depiction of an over inflated, bulbous yet imposing and majestic-looking version of the animal. The tall 3-meter high bronze mount is a towering sight to behold and is the largest horse sculpture done by the artist. Saturated in his signature style, the ever baronial figure now stands in the classy compounds of Genting Grand Hotel in Resorts World Genting ever since mid-2014, allowing visitors to feast their eyes and fully immerse themselves while observing one of Botero’s artistic creation that absolutely demands your attention!

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