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    Chou down with Chef Steven Chou

    A New York University alumnus, Steven Chou spent the first five years of his career immersed in front of the house management. He later received training at the French Culinary Institute, which boasts an inspiring list of alumni including the likes of Bobby Flay, Wylie Dufresne, and Lars Williams 


    His love for cooking was discovered from the cosy confines of his childhood home, with his mum cooking an array of simple home-cooked meals. Upon migrating to the United States, he was forced to cook his own meals, which saw the blossoming of his love for culinary arts.

    Stints at numerous independent restaurants gradually gave him the confidence to venture into crafting his own signature dishes. Committing time and effort proves rewarding, as his dishes began garnering much acclamation.

    One that tops the list is his specialty, Korshihikari Rice, which utilises the same technique as a risotto but substituting the traditional grain with Japanese rice cooked with uni (sea urchin) puree. It is then topped with fresh uni and garnished with sprigs of greens, making for a creamy and fluffy dish.




    He now brings that expertise to Resorts World Genting, artfully crafting dishes using unique fusions of ingredients and techniques. One of his variations of a local favourite comes in the form of a deconstructed bubur cha-cha, where he delicately arranges home-grown sweet potato crystals and creamy coconut broth alongside fresh fruits, transforming the simple street dessert into a refined yet fun piece of art. 

    “I think nowadays, chefs like a mix of different identities and local tastes in their dishes but at the end of the day, you do have to amass a great knowledge of what you are venturing into to be able to pair it well,” Chou explained.

    Despite all the complexities of his creations, Chou’s go-to meal is a well-made chicken broth and noodles. He also opts for a simple kale salad, from the extensive, seasonal menu of The Olive, as a personal favourite dish to order for himself. After all, to the eyes of a master chef, salad is never just a salad.

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