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    Mixing magic with Pranill Saam

    Pranill Saam’s journey into the world of mixology transpired in India, where he first got a taste of the F&B industry toiling through shifts at fine dining restaurants and coffee shops. When he went into the night club business where entertainment took centre stage, and little to no emphasis was put on the quality of drinks being served, he decided to venture into the art of cocktails.


    This new insight led him to stints after stints at prominent hotels and bars in Dubai, Hainan, Vietnam and Jakarta, even opening his own high-end bar and a casual Aussie-beach themed bar. 




    Now managing Genting Rouge and a plethora of restaurants in SkyAvenue, Saam’s rule of thumb in fashioning cocktails is that, “It is very personalised. I would find out exactly what you like or what your patterns of drinking are, and make something completely tailor-made for your taste.” A good mixologist would be required to study the cultures of the people he is serving, taking into consideration local trends, eating patterns and lifestyle as well as the products available within the local market, before crafting the specialised drinks. 

    Take Burger & Lobster’s Timekeeper, for example, a cocktail that is packaged in a plastic bag with a string tied to its corner, emulating the charms of the Malaysian “tapao” (takeaway) culture. “People are familiar with the concept, where even a person who is not at all interested in cocktails, walks in and is instantly intrigued, begging the question ‘Why is this drink in a bag?’, Saam proclaimed. 

    Consistency of the product is also very important. “When you have cocktails at that level, with that quantity of drinks going on, consistency is very important. It can’t change every day, the measurements must be precise.”

    In Resorts World Genting, Saam explains that training the right people and spending time with them is key, because it’s eventually a career path for them.


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