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    The ultimate line-up at Zouk Singapore

    This year, Zouk proves once again why it is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the EDM festivals within the region with ZoukOut 2017. ZoukOut 2017 will see a handful of DJs, including names like R3hab, Marshmello and DJ Snake, to name a few. The festival will also boast some local favourites, proving that they too can rub shoulders with the best of the best in the industry. Here’s a look into some local DJs that are no stranger to the Zouk Singapore community.


    Starting off the list is none other than DjB (Byden Lian). The love of music brought him into the EDM scene. A resident DJ in Zouk Singapore, DjB is a naturally versatile DJ with skills to craft excellent sets that never fail to impress. He was also given recognition by DJ legends like Martin Solveig and DJ Gregory, which goes to show just how far DjB has progressed. When asked about his expectations for the upcoming dance music festival, he answered, “Sleepless nights, lots of dance music and of course the beautiful painting of the sunrise and sunsets.”


    Gaining reputability as the first Singaporean to have his turntablist routine featured on America’s DJCITY TV, DJ LeNERD has become one of the up and coming names in the Singaporean DJ scene. He attributes his rising fame to his connection with the audience that gives him a sense of what type of sound they love, to gain their attention. He believes that when a DJ is able to connect with his audience, they would be more open to listening to his style and music. With that, he is able to incorporate his strong turntablism foundation into his club sets, rocking parties while staying fresh on the scene.


    Local DJ resident MattheW came from a society that demands conformity, one that he was eager to break out from. He first started playing various musical instruments such as the drums and guitar but at the age of 16, MattheW learned DJ-ing which then progressed into a stellar career for the young DJ. At only 21 years of age, MattheW is one of Zouk’s club resident DJs and is known for his amazing technical skills, especially in the art of seamless mixing and turntablism.


    DJ veteran NashD more than knows his way around the lineage, legacy and narratives of the art of DJ-ing. He is one of the most passionate ambassadors of the art and when he’s on the decks. Music has always been a big part of his life, with his DJ-ing career spanning almost 10 years in the industry. To be a good DJ NashD says that one has to constantly keep in check with the latest trends out there and be open to new genres like hip-hop, for example.


    Saving the best for last is none other than Dj Zushan. Zushan’s life has always been about music, from taking piano classes since he was little to picking up the organ and the guitar in his teen years. With his breathtaking skills and natural music flow, he brings a new kind of thrilling vibe to the dance floors across the globe including in Korea, Vietnam and Australia, to name a few. He believes that the festival this year will pave the way for the Asian DJ scene to move into a new era, with the rest of the world.

    With more and more local DJs lighting up their nation with pride, it will come as no surprise to see Asia on the frontier of the dance music world. ZoukOut is the ultimate best way to end the year with a bang!

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