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    Rest and rejuvenate with Suzie Ahmad

    Managing a spa may sound like a cakewalk, however, those in the industry would know that it is anything but that. As Spa Director of M Spa & Fitness, Suzie Ahmad requires a wide array of both hard and soft skills – a good understanding of financial and marketing imperatives as well as a positive attitude – all qualities that she possesses, making her more than qualified to handle the role, one that she takes on with glee.


    1.What inspired you to work in this service sector for Genting?
    I’ve been a spa director for over ten years, working in some of the biggest spas in Malaysia. Working in Genting provides a different challenge to which I am eager to get started on.

    2.What drew you into this particular industry?
    It was my aunt who introduced me to this industry. I was apprehensive at first, but once I was into it, I found my passion towards ensuring the wellbeing in the mind and body of other people.

    3.How does your expertise alleviate your facility towards greater heights?
    Before working in Genting, I had travelled to many spa facilities around the world, absorbing knowledge and methods that would in turn alleviate the establishment here towards greater heights.

    4.What are the steps taken to ensure that your facility achieves the standard set by the Genting Brand?
    Discipline is key in managing the facility. Staffs undergoes consistent training daily in order to meet the standards set by the Genting brand.

    5.What are the highlights/memorable experience that you have working in this establishment?
    The weather! It’s actually one of the reasons I choose to work here. Honestly, having a great workforce has made every day working here, an enjoyable one.

    6.What do you enjoy most from working here?
    Despite the standards, we are given freedom to choose and create the packages and treatments for our patrons. We feel included and important; the morale is always high here.

    7.What makes your facility stand out from the rest of your competitors?
    We offer a world class quality service and we always ensure that the comfort and needs of our guests are met. We are also able to anticipate and understand the next trend which in turn helps this facility keep up with other global players in the industry.

    8.What are the challenges faced running the facility and what are the measures taken to overcome it?
    Sometimes, there are problems where there are not enough staffs to accommodate our guests. However, with a dedicated and passionate workforce, there is nothing that we can’t overcome.

    9.How has the industry change over the years and what are your expectations for the foreseeable future?
    Perception towards the spa industry has changed over the years. Now it’s an industry with so much potential. In 2018, it’s already a 40 billion dollar industry.

    10.What words of encouragement do you wish to offer to those who wish to pursue in the service sector?
    Always have the passion. It might seem daunting at first, but trust me, in time, it will be rewarding.

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