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    Exclusive interview with R3hab

    HIGH Life gives an intimate look inside the live of one of the leading figures in today’s wave of electronic house music, R3hab. The Dutch DJ and music producer gets personal in a special Q&A in anticipation for his appearance in ZoukOut 2017.


    HL: What drew you into the music industry?
    R: Mainly my passion for music. I’d always listen to it, day in day out. When I got older and started going out, I loved watching DJs at work. It was like being the director of everyone’s night out. Becoming a DJ and producing my own music then became my main focus and I haven’t regretted it ever since.

    HL: Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new music?
    R: Basically just life and everything in it. The ups and downs, good and bad. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for each and every one of us and I want to capture all those moments in my music so we can all relate to it.

    HL: As a musician, what do you look forward to most when performing for an audience?
    R: The reaction of the crowd is always amazing, I am so grateful to have such wonderful fans. I really try to give them all my positive energy and make sure they have a great time during my set. When you see everyone jumping and enjoying themselves, that is true joy for me as an artist.

    HL: How do you handle negative feedback on any of your songs?
    R: I personally feel that there’s no such thing as negative feedback. Of course, not everyone’s opinion is the same and not every feedback is equally nice to get. But it’s important to know that you can’t always please everyone, and we are all different. I love that everyone has an individual taste and preference. It would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things.

    HL: Have you ever attempted to branch into different genres of music? If so, which genre?
    R: This year I experimented a lot with different sounds and styles. I did some trap remixes for instance, a more poppy and indie sound combined with electronic influences on my debut album, Trouble. And I have some festival bangers coming up. Who knows what I’ll be inspired to produce next year…

    HL: If there was one song you wish you had produced, which song would it be?
    R: There are so many, I keep amazing myself with the talent of those around me and all the artists in the business right now. I would have loved to have produced a few of Drake’s songs though.

    HL: What are your expectations for ZoukOut 2017?
    R: I’ve been looking forward to it and I am sure it will be one of my favourite shows this year!

    HL: What is your opinion on the EDM industry/Hip Hop industry in Southeast Asia?
    R: I think it is very upcoming and interesting. I’m definitely keeping an eye on all that’s going on in this region.

    HL: What are some of the challenges you face when pursuing a career in music?
    R: It can be hard to combine being on tour, producing songs, living healthy and mindful, and also have a personal life at home. But the feeling when you’ve worked so hard and all the pieces of the puzzle come together is just amazing.

    HL: What words of encouragement do you wish to offer for those wanting to pursue music as their primary agenda?
    R: Be sure to find your passion, your style and stick with it. Fight for it. Keep learning, developing and never make excuses for yourself. It’s very tough but it’s all worth it in the end!

    Along with the release of his debut new album Trouble, the talented DJ is set to revolutionize the music scene of today’s generation. R3hab will take the stage at ZoukOut this Dec 8-9 in Siloso Beach, Singapore, along with a stunning international lineup.

    This year, enjoy dinner amidst the sunset at a curated food village with food options like Three Buns (by Potato Head Folks), The Lime Truck, Keisuke Ramen, RedTail Grill and for the sweet-tooth, Udders ice-cream, are available from 6.30pm onwards.

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