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    Swirled but not stirred

    Start the evening on the right note with some refreshing cocktails. Let us take you on a journey through swirled masterpieces with eight of the best cocktails from Resorts World Genting’s Burger & Lobster and Cafés Richard. 

    Genting Opulance
    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue



    The Genting Opulance is majestically presented in an elevated silver-ornamented pitcher with four mini taps that pour the concoction simultaneously into each glass. Good things are made to be shared, as with this libation which is suitable for 2 to 4 people. The drink itself is a divinely refreshing combination of gin, raspberry liqueur, pineapple, basil, and ginger.


    South Carolina Tea
    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue



    Imagine sipping on a glass of tea-infused cocktail after a long day of braving the hustle and bustle of life. Your sun-drenched soul will be tantalised to the core after a sip of Burger & Lobster’s homage to the old-fashioned goodness, the South Carolina Tea. The drink is made up of gin, shaken to perfection with a refreshing dose of watermelon and Earl Grey tea.

    Coffee in the Clouds
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue



    Those keen in sampling a coffee beverage with a luxurious twist may order the brasserie’s riff of the classic White Russian, the “Coffee in the Clouds”. It is a silky and soothing cocktail that is prepared from the house’s homemade coffee liqueur and vodka, topped with a “nuege de lait” (a cloud of milk) and an icy sphere.

    Café Kir Royal 
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue



    The Café Kir Royal, a coffee-infused cocktail, combines the smooth Ethiopian cold brew with champagne rose and wild strawberry liqueur. The elegant libation is served in a tall champagne flute, adorned with a single slice of strawberry, delicately insinuating the incorporation of berry essence in the drink.

    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue




    The aptly-named cocktail is concocted to perfection with the addition of sours; lemon juice and pineapple cordial, for a subtly mysterious yet sexy thirst quencher. Not sold yet? The drink is then dreamily garnished with edible flowers, tying both aesthetical and palatial elements for that all-around satisfaction.

    Coffee Mojito
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue



    Cafés Richard’s Coffee Mojito combines the recipe of an age- old mojito with an infusion of the brasserie’s “Grand Cru” beans. The traditional Cuban highball is given new life at the hands of the brasserie’s mixologist. The mixture of rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint with a hint of premium coffee gives the drink a refined auburn appearance and an edgy taste.

    Genting Bloody Mary
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue




    The classics never go out of style. The brasserie’s version of the Bloody Mary is a mix of a spice-infused Russian vodka and red tomato juice served traditionally in a tall highball glass. The stunning crimson libation is then garnished with a lime wedge and a wasabi-bathed kale, grown from Resorts World Genting’s very own greenhouse.

    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue




    The “Newton” combines premium Belvedere Vodka with a sprig of fresh thyme and apple liqueur. That botanical hint of thyme subtly amplifies the freshness of the spirit, while letting the high-end vodka ultimately steal the show. Served in an elegant martini glass, it is sure to make you have the thyme of your life!

    The simple act of going out for cocktails is not just about having drinks anymore; it’s about appreciating the thought and creativity that mixologists put into crafting these inventive drinks. Whatever your choice, you are surely bound for a swirling good time.


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