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    Rest and rejuvenate with Suzie Ahmad

    Managing a spa may sound like a cakewalk, however, those in the industry would know that it is anything but that. As Spa Director of M Spa & Fitness, Suzie Ahmad requires a wide array of both hard and soft skills – a good understanding of financial and marketing imperatives as well as a positive attitude – all qualities that she possesses, making her more than qualified to handle the role, one that she takes on with glee.


    1.What inspired you to work in this service sector for Genting?
    I’ve been a spa director for over ten years, working in some of the biggest spas in Malaysia. Working in Genting provides a different challenge to which I am eager to get started on.

    2.What drew you into this particular industry?
    It was my aunt who introduced me to this industry. I was apprehensive at first, but once I was into it, I found my passion towards ensuring the wellbeing in the mind and body of other people.

    3.How does your expertise alleviate your facility towards greater heights?
    Before working in Genting, I had travelled to many spa facilities around the world, absorbing knowledge and methods that would in turn alleviate the establishment here towards greater heights.

    4.What are the steps taken to ensure that your facility achieves the standard set by the Genting Brand?
    Discipline is key in managing the facility. Staffs undergoes consistent training daily in order to meet the standards set by the Genting brand.

    5.What are the highlights/memorable experience that you have working in this establishment?
    The weather! It’s actually one of the reasons I choose to work here. Honestly, having a great workforce has made every day working here, an enjoyable one.

    6.What do you enjoy most from working here?
    Despite the standards, we are given freedom to choose and create the packages and treatments for our patrons. We feel included and important; the morale is always high here.

    7.What makes your facility stand out from the rest of your competitors?
    We offer a world class quality service and we always ensure that the comfort and needs of our guests are met. We are also able to anticipate and understand the next trend which in turn helps this facility keep up with other global players in the industry.

    8.What are the challenges faced running the facility and what are the measures taken to overcome it?
    Sometimes, there are problems where there are not enough staffs to accommodate our guests. However, with a dedicated and passionate workforce, there is nothing that we can’t overcome.

    9.How has the industry change over the years and what are your expectations for the foreseeable future?
    Perception towards the spa industry has changed over the years. Now it’s an industry with so much potential. In 2018, it’s already a 40 billion dollar industry.

    10.What words of encouragement do you wish to offer to those who wish to pursue in the service sector?
    Always have the passion. It might seem daunting at first, but trust me, in time, it will be rewarding.

    The ultimate line-up at Zouk Singapore

    This year, Zouk proves once again why it is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the EDM festivals within the region with ZoukOut 2017. ZoukOut 2017 will see a handful of DJs, including names like R3hab, Marshmello and DJ Snake, to name a few. The festival will also boast some local favourites, proving that they too can rub shoulders with the best of the best in the industry. Here’s a look into some local DJs that are no stranger to the Zouk Singapore community.


    Starting off the list is none other than DjB (Byden Lian). The love of music brought him into the EDM scene. A resident DJ in Zouk Singapore, DjB is a naturally versatile DJ with skills to craft excellent sets that never fail to impress. He was also given recognition by DJ legends like Martin Solveig and DJ Gregory, which goes to show just how far DjB has progressed. When asked about his expectations for the upcoming dance music festival, he answered, “Sleepless nights, lots of dance music and of course the beautiful painting of the sunrise and sunsets.”


    Gaining reputability as the first Singaporean to have his turntablist routine featured on America’s DJCITY TV, DJ LeNERD has become one of the up and coming names in the Singaporean DJ scene. He attributes his rising fame to his connection with the audience that gives him a sense of what type of sound they love, to gain their attention. He believes that when a DJ is able to connect with his audience, they would be more open to listening to his style and music. With that, he is able to incorporate his strong turntablism foundation into his club sets, rocking parties while staying fresh on the scene.


    Local DJ resident MattheW came from a society that demands conformity, one that he was eager to break out from. He first started playing various musical instruments such as the drums and guitar but at the age of 16, MattheW learned DJ-ing which then progressed into a stellar career for the young DJ. At only 21 years of age, MattheW is one of Zouk’s club resident DJs and is known for his amazing technical skills, especially in the art of seamless mixing and turntablism.


    DJ veteran NashD more than knows his way around the lineage, legacy and narratives of the art of DJ-ing. He is one of the most passionate ambassadors of the art and when he’s on the decks. Music has always been a big part of his life, with his DJ-ing career spanning almost 10 years in the industry. To be a good DJ NashD says that one has to constantly keep in check with the latest trends out there and be open to new genres like hip-hop, for example.


    Saving the best for last is none other than Dj Zushan. Zushan’s life has always been about music, from taking piano classes since he was little to picking up the organ and the guitar in his teen years. With his breathtaking skills and natural music flow, he brings a new kind of thrilling vibe to the dance floors across the globe including in Korea, Vietnam and Australia, to name a few. He believes that the festival this year will pave the way for the Asian DJ scene to move into a new era, with the rest of the world.

    With more and more local DJs lighting up their nation with pride, it will come as no surprise to see Asia on the frontier of the dance music world. ZoukOut is the ultimate best way to end the year with a bang!

    Exclusive interview with R3hab

    HIGH Life gives an intimate look inside the live of one of the leading figures in today’s wave of electronic house music, R3hab. The Dutch DJ and music producer gets personal in a special Q&A in anticipation for his appearance in ZoukOut 2017.


    HL: What drew you into the music industry?
    R: Mainly my passion for music. I’d always listen to it, day in day out. When I got older and started going out, I loved watching DJs at work. It was like being the director of everyone’s night out. Becoming a DJ and producing my own music then became my main focus and I haven’t regretted it ever since.

    HL: Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new music?
    R: Basically just life and everything in it. The ups and downs, good and bad. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for each and every one of us and I want to capture all those moments in my music so we can all relate to it.

    HL: As a musician, what do you look forward to most when performing for an audience?
    R: The reaction of the crowd is always amazing, I am so grateful to have such wonderful fans. I really try to give them all my positive energy and make sure they have a great time during my set. When you see everyone jumping and enjoying themselves, that is true joy for me as an artist.

    HL: How do you handle negative feedback on any of your songs?
    R: I personally feel that there’s no such thing as negative feedback. Of course, not everyone’s opinion is the same and not every feedback is equally nice to get. But it’s important to know that you can’t always please everyone, and we are all different. I love that everyone has an individual taste and preference. It would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things.

    HL: Have you ever attempted to branch into different genres of music? If so, which genre?
    R: This year I experimented a lot with different sounds and styles. I did some trap remixes for instance, a more poppy and indie sound combined with electronic influences on my debut album, Trouble. And I have some festival bangers coming up. Who knows what I’ll be inspired to produce next year…

    HL: If there was one song you wish you had produced, which song would it be?
    R: There are so many, I keep amazing myself with the talent of those around me and all the artists in the business right now. I would have loved to have produced a few of Drake’s songs though.

    HL: What are your expectations for ZoukOut 2017?
    R: I’ve been looking forward to it and I am sure it will be one of my favourite shows this year!

    HL: What is your opinion on the EDM industry/Hip Hop industry in Southeast Asia?
    R: I think it is very upcoming and interesting. I’m definitely keeping an eye on all that’s going on in this region.

    HL: What are some of the challenges you face when pursuing a career in music?
    R: It can be hard to combine being on tour, producing songs, living healthy and mindful, and also have a personal life at home. But the feeling when you’ve worked so hard and all the pieces of the puzzle come together is just amazing.

    HL: What words of encouragement do you wish to offer for those wanting to pursue music as their primary agenda?
    R: Be sure to find your passion, your style and stick with it. Fight for it. Keep learning, developing and never make excuses for yourself. It’s very tough but it’s all worth it in the end!

    Along with the release of his debut new album Trouble, the talented DJ is set to revolutionize the music scene of today’s generation. R3hab will take the stage at ZoukOut this Dec 8-9 in Siloso Beach, Singapore, along with a stunning international lineup.

    This year, enjoy dinner amidst the sunset at a curated food village with food options like Three Buns (by Potato Head Folks), The Lime Truck, Keisuke Ramen, RedTail Grill and for the sweet-tooth, Udders ice-cream, are available from 6.30pm onwards.

    HIGH Life readers will receive an exclusive 10% off all regular tickets! Click here for more information: http://bit.ly/zogentinghighlife

    Get upclose with Group Chef Oliver Lopez

    Resorts World Genting’s very own Group Chef Oliver Lopez gets personal with HIGH Life in a fun Q&A session on his culinary journey. The distinguished chef talks us through what fuels him to cook up a storm and bring the best gastronomic miracles to the guests every day.


    1.Why did you decide to become a chef?
    Interestingly, I became a chef by chance. Back then, my passion was football but that didn’t quite work out. When my mother urged me to look for a job, I applied to be a chef at Genting and the rest is history!

    2.What inspires you to create new and unique recipes in your kitchen?
    The most important thing is having good and fresh raw ingredients. I once got to work with fresh truffle flown directly from Italy and was so inspired by the endless possibilities of working with such a great ingredient. You can do wonders with good ingredients and they don’t have to be expensive at all.

    3.What are the most difficult situations you have handled as a chef?
    We recently launched our central production kitchen in the resort. The entire project took 3 years and the planning process was challenging for me. Now that it’s up and running, I feel very excited to have a kitchen in the resort that is so big and new.

    4.What is your favourite type of cuisine to create and feast on?
    I come from a fine-dining background, so I always enjoy that. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two occasions that are important for me too. For Christmas, you get to create food for family gatherings and try new fusion ideas. For Valentine’s Day, you get to show your romantic side and play with different combinations of colours, decorations and tastes.

    5.What is your number 1 rule in the kitchen, for both yourself and the people who work with you?
    I have 2 – the first is to clean as you go. Another one is before anything goes out of the kitchen, always taste, taste, taste!

    6.What is your favourite part about being a chef?
    It’s always nice to see guests appreciating the food that you’ve created.

    7.In the culinary world, who is your biggest inspiration?
    Daniel Boulud. His expertise is in contemporary French cuisine.

    8.How would you compare being a chef in Genting, to being a chef in any other restaurant?
    Because Genting is such a large organisation, it’s all about compliance. This ensures that our food is always of a certain standard and we deliver the right experience.

    9.How much do you involve yourself with the restaurant’s menu development and overall dining experience?
    I don’t cook in every outlet in the resort, (or else the food is going to taste the same everywhere you go!) but I do participate in the selection process for our chefs, the creation of our menus and the overall planning process.

    10.What are your most fulfilling moments as a chef?
    In Genting, there are lots of large functions that take place. I once cooked a five-course meal for a total of 1,500 people. That’s 7,500 plates in total that came out from our kitchen. It was an exciting time.

    A Bubbling Good Time with Kevin Yee

    Starting his journey as what he described as an “average student” in class, Kevin Yee soon took over the cellar, as seniors left, leaving it empty. “Thus, by a stroke of chance, I started handling the massive wine cellar, doing the daily inventory, seeing all the labels one by one. It opened my eyes to a world that was so much bigger and vibrant than what I learnt in those wine classes, due to the resort’s extensive collection.” 


    To Yee, the process of getting accustomed to the labels is somewhat akin to working in a library, checking facts and understanding a product’s back story.  Wanting to test his knowledge, he took exams after exams under the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Lo and behold, he passed each one, further cementing his belief that he was on the right track.

    A certified sommelier representative for the state of Pahang, Yee trains junior sommeliers for the resort, which he claims, “…as a rather surreal moment for me. Some of my trainees have also attained the highest exam results in their classes.”

    Yee now has the enviable position as the wine keeper of The Olive’s unrivalled wine cellars, which includes some of the rarest and most exclusive wines in the world. 

    article_personality_kevin_2Kevin works closely with Chef Steven Chou to create exquisite wine pairings. 

    Yee is also in charge of wine procurement, a process that is rather complex to the untrained eye. “Every half year or every few months, we will do a study of the dishes in demand. It’s the same process with the wine procurement; we will procure wine labels according to the guests’ demands. We also need to focus on the coming trends,” Yee explained. 

    This process ensures a good mix of customers’ favourites, trending labels and also a nice selection of labels that are the sommelier’s choice. “These ‘passion labels’ are the ones we will recommend to guests. Once we’ve come up with a good list, it is then presented to the management.”

    Yee has done what each and every one of us covertly wishes to be able to do in our lifetime; he has gone through the wringer and has managed to make his passion his work. 


    Mixing magic with Pranill Saam

    Pranill Saam’s journey into the world of mixology transpired in India, where he first got a taste of the F&B industry toiling through shifts at fine dining restaurants and coffee shops. When he went into the night club business where entertainment took centre stage, and little to no emphasis was put on the quality of drinks being served, he decided to venture into the art of cocktails.


    This new insight led him to stints after stints at prominent hotels and bars in Dubai, Hainan, Vietnam and Jakarta, even opening his own high-end bar and a casual Aussie-beach themed bar. 




    Now managing Genting Rouge and a plethora of restaurants in SkyAvenue, Saam’s rule of thumb in fashioning cocktails is that, “It is very personalised. I would find out exactly what you like or what your patterns of drinking are, and make something completely tailor-made for your taste.” A good mixologist would be required to study the cultures of the people he is serving, taking into consideration local trends, eating patterns and lifestyle as well as the products available within the local market, before crafting the specialised drinks. 

    Take Burger & Lobster’s Timekeeper, for example, a cocktail that is packaged in a plastic bag with a string tied to its corner, emulating the charms of the Malaysian “tapao” (takeaway) culture. “People are familiar with the concept, where even a person who is not at all interested in cocktails, walks in and is instantly intrigued, begging the question ‘Why is this drink in a bag?’, Saam proclaimed. 

    Consistency of the product is also very important. “When you have cocktails at that level, with that quantity of drinks going on, consistency is very important. It can’t change every day, the measurements must be precise.”

    In Resorts World Genting, Saam explains that training the right people and spending time with them is key, because it’s eventually a career path for them.


    Chou down with Chef Steven Chou

    A New York University alumnus, Steven Chou spent the first five years of his career immersed in front of the house management. He later received training at the French Culinary Institute, which boasts an inspiring list of alumni including the likes of Bobby Flay, Wylie Dufresne, and Lars Williams 


    His love for cooking was discovered from the cosy confines of his childhood home, with his mum cooking an array of simple home-cooked meals. Upon migrating to the United States, he was forced to cook his own meals, which saw the blossoming of his love for culinary arts.

    Stints at numerous independent restaurants gradually gave him the confidence to venture into crafting his own signature dishes. Committing time and effort proves rewarding, as his dishes began garnering much acclamation.

    One that tops the list is his specialty, Korshihikari Rice, which utilises the same technique as a risotto but substituting the traditional grain with Japanese rice cooked with uni (sea urchin) puree. It is then topped with fresh uni and garnished with sprigs of greens, making for a creamy and fluffy dish.




    He now brings that expertise to Resorts World Genting, artfully crafting dishes using unique fusions of ingredients and techniques. One of his variations of a local favourite comes in the form of a deconstructed bubur cha-cha, where he delicately arranges home-grown sweet potato crystals and creamy coconut broth alongside fresh fruits, transforming the simple street dessert into a refined yet fun piece of art. 

    “I think nowadays, chefs like a mix of different identities and local tastes in their dishes but at the end of the day, you do have to amass a great knowledge of what you are venturing into to be able to pair it well,” Chou explained.

    Despite all the complexities of his creations, Chou’s go-to meal is a well-made chicken broth and noodles. He also opts for a simple kale salad, from the extensive, seasonal menu of The Olive, as a personal favourite dish to order for himself. After all, to the eyes of a master chef, salad is never just a salad.

    A little Asian twist with Chef Teo

    As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the quality of a dish is in the experience of the diner. Creative young chefs are taking fusion food to a whole new level of gastronomic marvels. One fine example is Resorts World Genting’s LTITUDE Head Chef, Teo Kheng Soon who is taking his cooking skills to greater dimensions, proving that fusing Asian and Western cuisines into one can create absolute culinary wonders.



    A recent addition to the Resorts World Genting family, Chef Teo was introduced to the art of cooking at the age of 18. Working in Resorts World Genting has indeed broadened the perspective of the young chef. He has been given the reins to dictate what goes into the menu at LTITUDE while having the freshest and highest quality of ingredients from all over the world. In addition to that, the staff under him are also fully behind him, ensuring that the ship is run on both great teamwork and high morale.

    His kitchen is his humble abode. It is where he feels most comfortable. When time allows him, he would stay in the kitchen thinking of new ways to whet the appetite of his patrons in LTITUDE. His cooking acumen has produced some of the best fusion food that the restaurant has to offer as he believes his guest would love western food if there is an Asian twist to it.



    His ability to mix the east and west has earned him rave reviews in the dining industry. One fine example of his dishes is the curry lobster. A prized ingredient among seafood, the lobster cooked by Chef Teo taste incredibly delicious and pairs perfectly well with the creamy curry sauce that stirs the memory of home.



    His other signature dishes are fusion-based as well. His ocean’s surprise is an appetiser made from local vegetables fused with Japanese salmon, tuna and tuna belly. His Chilean sea bass is sautéed and garnished with Chinese cauliflower which are prepared differently – dehydration, puree and wok-fried.

    Nothing gives him more pleasure than the satisfied look on a diner’s face after sampling his unique dishes. Chef Teo admits that taking on the role as Head Chef does have its perks as some guests now even request to meet him simply to congratulate him for a job well done. He hopes that anyone who ventures into the food industry does not quit easily as perseverance pays off in the end. It certainly did for Chef Teo as he continues to make a name for himself in the industry.

    Read more about Chef Teo’s impressive career and behind-the-scenes experiences by grabbing a print copy of HIGH Life magazine!


    Swirled but not stirred

    Start the evening on the right note with some refreshing cocktails. Let us take you on a journey through swirled masterpieces with eight of the best cocktails from Resorts World Genting’s Burger & Lobster and Cafés Richard. 

    Genting Opulance
    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue



    The Genting Opulance is majestically presented in an elevated silver-ornamented pitcher with four mini taps that pour the concoction simultaneously into each glass. Good things are made to be shared, as with this libation which is suitable for 2 to 4 people. The drink itself is a divinely refreshing combination of gin, raspberry liqueur, pineapple, basil, and ginger.


    South Carolina Tea
    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue



    Imagine sipping on a glass of tea-infused cocktail after a long day of braving the hustle and bustle of life. Your sun-drenched soul will be tantalised to the core after a sip of Burger & Lobster’s homage to the old-fashioned goodness, the South Carolina Tea. The drink is made up of gin, shaken to perfection with a refreshing dose of watermelon and Earl Grey tea.

    Coffee in the Clouds
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue



    Those keen in sampling a coffee beverage with a luxurious twist may order the brasserie’s riff of the classic White Russian, the “Coffee in the Clouds”. It is a silky and soothing cocktail that is prepared from the house’s homemade coffee liqueur and vodka, topped with a “nuege de lait” (a cloud of milk) and an icy sphere.

    Café Kir Royal 
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue



    The Café Kir Royal, a coffee-infused cocktail, combines the smooth Ethiopian cold brew with champagne rose and wild strawberry liqueur. The elegant libation is served in a tall champagne flute, adorned with a single slice of strawberry, delicately insinuating the incorporation of berry essence in the drink.

    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue




    The aptly-named cocktail is concocted to perfection with the addition of sours; lemon juice and pineapple cordial, for a subtly mysterious yet sexy thirst quencher. Not sold yet? The drink is then dreamily garnished with edible flowers, tying both aesthetical and palatial elements for that all-around satisfaction.

    Coffee Mojito
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue



    Cafés Richard’s Coffee Mojito combines the recipe of an age- old mojito with an infusion of the brasserie’s “Grand Cru” beans. The traditional Cuban highball is given new life at the hands of the brasserie’s mixologist. The mixture of rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint with a hint of premium coffee gives the drink a refined auburn appearance and an edgy taste.

    Genting Bloody Mary
    Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue




    The classics never go out of style. The brasserie’s version of the Bloody Mary is a mix of a spice-infused Russian vodka and red tomato juice served traditionally in a tall highball glass. The stunning crimson libation is then garnished with a lime wedge and a wasabi-bathed kale, grown from Resorts World Genting’s very own greenhouse.

    Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue




    The “Newton” combines premium Belvedere Vodka with a sprig of fresh thyme and apple liqueur. That botanical hint of thyme subtly amplifies the freshness of the spirit, while letting the high-end vodka ultimately steal the show. Served in an elegant martini glass, it is sure to make you have the thyme of your life!

    The simple act of going out for cocktails is not just about having drinks anymore; it’s about appreciating the thought and creativity that mixologists put into crafting these inventive drinks. Whatever your choice, you are surely bound for a swirling good time.


    Life’s a fiesta at La Fiesta

    Resorts World Genting brings a taste of Spanish heritage and sets it down on our home turf for us to enjoy, in the form of La Fiesta, the latest addition to SkyAvenue’s fleet of high-end restaurants 


    Of tapas, paellas and everything in between
    The outlet’s assortment of Iberico ham is dubbed as one of the finest hams in the world. The origin of the pork itself comes from the Sus Mediaterraneus breed that only exists now in the southwest of Spain. The final delicious treat requires a 36-month ham curing process at the southeast and southwest of Spain, on mountains high up at 700 metres above the sea level.

    Next on the list to sink your choppers into are the paellas. Choose from an assortment of seafood paellas which features lobsters, Mediterranean Carabinero prawns, and cuttlefish. A must-try signature dish incorporates aromatic saffron bomba rice with premium Canadian lobster. Another variation is a squid ink-infused bomba rice with cuttlefish and prawns 

    Chef Arthur Fernandez’s Puplo a Feira, which is an excellent octopus with paprika potatoes dish, has become the crowd’s favourite tapa to devour, making it another one of La Fiesta’s signature dishes.

    Spanish potions
    Wash down all that exotic tangs and zests with La Fiesta’s list of beverages ranging from sangrias to gin and tonics, punches, cocktails and artisan tonic and soda, making up a very concise, and dare we say, sinfully Spanish beverage menu. Cherry-pick from classic gin and tonics to spiced, floral, citrusy or sweeter variations. Whatever you choose will surely have you ready for a fiesta, but of course, with an Amor de Cava sangria in hand!

    High tea in the clouds

    Expect elegant settings with an unbeatable view when you choose Resorts World Genting as your high tea destination. Here are our three best locations for an unforgettable high tea experience.

    e18hteen Inspired Cuisine



    Whether it is a table by the serene poolside or facing the majestic Titiwangsa mountain range, e18hteen makes a spectacular location for spending the evening with a special someone. The fine dining restaurant is a haven for tranquillity and peace of mind.

    The high tea menu consists of 13 variations of pastry and dessert, including smoked salmon brioche, lobster soft roll and snow frog in fresh almond milk.


    3pm – 5.30pm daily
    Level 18, Maxims


    Cafés Richard



    Dainty and exquisite, Cafés Richard sets the stage for a romantic Parisian afternoon tea. The Le Festin (The Feast) offers a full selection of their best French patisserie, perfect for sharing with up to 4 people. Alternatively, there are also smaller sets of Pastries & Sweets, Desserts or Savoury respectively.

    All sets are served with your selection of one coffee, slow coffee, tea, or chocolate beverage. You can also pair your afternoon tea with a glass of champagne for an additional fee.

    2.30pm to 5.30pm daily
    Level 1, SkyAvenue


    Park Avenue Lounge



    One of the latest establishments at Resorts World Genting, the Park Avenue Lounge is tastefully adorned with mural and natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    The English High Tea set presents sweets, scones and finger sandwiches at a reasonable price. The set includes your choice of any two brewed, infused or cocoa selections.

    2pm – 6pm daily
    Ground Level, SkyAvenue


    A grand symphony of food & wine

    The abiding love affair between food and wine took centre stage at a wine and dine event hosted by The Olive in Resorts World Genting in December 2017. On a chilly Saturday night, a party of 40 gathered to experience an elegant 6-course meal paired to perfection with some of the most exquisite wines.


    In a collaborative event with Austral Supreme featuring Domaine de Chevalier wines, the 6-course wine dinner was intricately prepared by The Olive’s very own Chef Steven Chou complete with the perfect wine pairing from the prestigious brand to complement each dish. Adrien Bernard, the wine brand ambassador and the son of the owner, Olivier Bernard of Domaine de Chevalier, presented quick briefs on the wines throughout the feast.

    The first course of asparagus, smoked salmon, chives and ikura (fish roe) was paired with the La Petit Lunes Blanc 2015. The elegant white wine accompanied the smokiness of the charred asparagus and smoked salmon to perfection. Chef Steven then served a scallop, sweet corn, seaweed and tomato confit dish pairing it with the medium-bodied Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 2012 wine which brought out the natural sweetness of the scallop. For the third course, the native Bordeaux La Petite Lunes Rouge 2015 wine was highlighted with a rich and decadent foie gras dish that was served with a pancake, pumpkin seeds and wild berries coulis.




    The Domaine de Chevalier Rouge 2006 is a medium-bodied wine with scents of red plum, bergamot, and stewed black tea. The vintage wine from Olivier Bernard himself was served with a sumptuous plate of Wagyu cheek, porcini and morel mushrooms drizzled with an anise glaze. For the following course, wood-smoked lamb, charred carrots served on top of a cauliflower puree and caramelised jus was accompanied by the Domaine de Chevalier Rouge 2000 (Magnum). The broad, lush and sweet wine with the perfuming flavours of red berries, black cherry and spices paired harmoniously well with the smoky and savoury lamb.




    Lastly, for dessert, a 1996 Chateau Guiraud of Sauternes variant which embodies touches of spice and marmalade that segue into a tense, bitter lemon and bitter orange finish was paired with Chef Stevens’s panna cotta, mascarpone cheese, and berries creation. The rich, dark golden dessert wine with hints of peach and honeysuckle gave prominence to the multi-textured and beautifully plated dessert.




    What started out as a cold chilly night took a pleasant turn by the warmth exuding from the heartfelt hospitality, fun and of course from the engaging conversations. Chef Steven had successfully shined the spotlight on the lavish ingredients with finesse, excellent cookery and sophisticated plating. The wines complemented the sumptuous dinner to utmost perfection and indeed it was an all-rounded elegant night crafted superbly by two master craftsmen.

    Get your glitz and glam on

    Resorts World Genting kicked off its first ever fashion week, Time To Light Up, which showcased the latest collection of all the jewellery and timepieces tenants at SkyAvenue. The event was held on 20th September at the newly opened mall, which is also one of the latest attractions to hit Resorts World Genting.


    Emceed by former Miss Malaysia, Nadia Heng, guests were treated to an amazing display of elegance and sophistication featuring collections from Thomas Sabo, Tissot, Lazo Diamond, Calvin Klein and Timekeeper. Models were made up by Shizens and apparels were provided by Esprit and G2000.

    Among the main highlights were Thomas Sabo’s new Autumn/Winter 2017 statement jewellery collection, each aptly named Together, Essentials, Royalty, Mini Chakras, Tree of Love and Rebel at Heart, as well as Power necklaces and bracelets. The collection was inspired by Buddhist Mala prayer beads. Another high point was the unveiling of Calvin Klein’s new designs which ranged from the bold and symmetric CK Boost to the simple and sublimely eye-catching CK Chic as well as the timeless and iconic CK City.




    Tissot’s designs were equally breath-taking, offering various watch wear styles from sporty to masculine for the gentlemen as showcased by the Chrono XL Quartz and T-Touch Expert Solar to the simple yet stylish and elegant designs for the ladies, as portrayed by the T-Wave collection.




    Guests also stood a chance to win amazing prizes from the lucky draw, which included hotel stays at Resorts World Langkawi and Hotel on the Park as well as the brand new Samsung Gear VR.

    Resorts World Genting is seeing the beginning a new chapter with the opening of SkyAvenue, its first lifestyle mall. This jewellery and timepiece show is just a glimpse of many exciting programmes and events to come.

    Let’s get crackin’ at Burger & Lobster

    Burger & Lobster began when four school friends decided to combine the idea of having an eatery that highlighted the incredible taste of two main dishes; burger and lobster. Since its days in an Irish pub, Burger & Lobster has now branched out to Dubai, Jeddah, New York, Stockholm and now, Resorts World Genting.


    Genting welcomed the franchise in March with an opening ceremony where over 100 guests experienced the exciting dining atmosphere constructed with the use of red furniture and lobster crates as decorations. On top of the exquisite feast for the eyes, patrons were treated with lobsters grilled to perfection as well as luscious selection of lobster rolls and burgers. 



    Its arrival in Southeast Asia has encouraged Burger & Lobster to put a spin to the menu with the addition of Chili Lobster to accommodate the taste palettes of local and international guests. Another local offering included in the menu is the unique Durian Tempura that is sure to turn heads over the unconventional ingredients. 


    The highly anticipated launch of Burger & Lobster at Resorts World Genting was attended by elegant members of the Pahang royalty and state executive councilors including Tengku Puteri Seri Bongsu Pahang Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Shahariah Binti Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Dato’ Naresh Mohan, Chairman of Pahang State Tourism and Culture Committee Dato’ Sri Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin and renowned Chef Wan.

    Coffee in the clouds at Cafés Richard

    There is no better way than to spend the cold evenings at Resorts World Genting with good company, good coffee and good pastries at the newly opened Cafés Richard, France’s No. 1 coffee roaster. An iconic name in coffee brewing, the brasserie serves more than 2.4 million cups of coffee a day worldwide, an amount that will now increase as Resorts World Genting’s own SkyAvenue has opened its doors for the first Cafés Richard retail brasserie.


    Last April, the opening of the brasserie saw over 120 invited guests that were delighted with the rich 19thcentury French ambience through the minimalistic setting of the premises. Patrons of the classy brasserie were treated with the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee and signature teas that were prepared alongside fresh selection of bakery goodies and scrumptious savories. The staff at the outlet is thoroughly trained on the French culture and a smattering of the language to give guests a truly French experience.





    Among the VIPs present at the opening of Cafés Richard were Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture, Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Managing Director from Paris of Cafés Richard, Anne Richard Bellanger, Genting Malaysia Berhad Executive Vice President for Resort Operations, Aaron Chia, and Director of the Alliance Francaise in KL, Mr Jean-Pierre Dumont.

    Pump up your night at RedTail

    Word of its opening has created a buzz among loyal Zouk frequenters and party-goers. A proud new addition to Resorts World Genting’s party scene, RedTail by Zouk offers limitless entertainment to guests visiting SkyAvenue. It is the ultimate place to kick-start your exhilarating night with an assortment of beverages, pregame activities and bar games for you and your entire party entourage.

    Xiao Hong, RedTail’s adorable mascot will accompany you throughout your fun-filled night until the break of dawn.

    Game On!

    RedTail is armed with an array of the trendiest drinking games, including darts, pool, retro arcades, Xbox tournaments and Jenga, to name a few. The lounge is the perfect setting for some pre-club drinking, group celebrations or even to simply relax at.

    Serving some of RedTail’s signature concoctions that truly encompass one-a-kind flavours, the cocktail menu at RedTail is sure to have guests craving for more. The establishment also serves several selections of beers, spirits, and house pours. The lounge boasts an Asian-inspired food menu with a contemporary twist. Catch live sports games on the big screens or just sit back and enjoy the resident DJs spinning their music.

    Equipped with a beer bar and a Tiki bar, RedTail can host up to 150 guests at a time and is open every day. An electrifying pregame party usually set the tone for the rest of the night. RedTail is the place to be for a swing at the various in-house games, entertainment and drinks before partying it out into the night!


    Taking centre stage with SkySymphony

    Enter a brave new world of art expressed through a spectacular visual storytelling display at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. Experience a blaze of colours, rhythmic lighting and the lively movements of LED balls accentuated by larger-than-life cinematic visuals and spellbinding assortment of original music.

    SkySymphony is an extraordinary audio, visual and motion graphics showcase made possible by 1,001 seemingly ordinary white orbs, suspended from the four-storey-high ceiling, with the ability to go through the whole colour spectrum while moving 17.5 metres every 6 seconds. The three-storey high LED walls made up of small LED modules which form wraparound screens serve as a backdrop for the kinetic balls.

    Deemed as Asia’s largest permanent kinetic balls display and the first multimedia winch attraction in Asia, the SkySymphony performance is an epic combination of audio, visual and motion graphics that transforms SkyAvenue beyond imagination. Viewers will be enthralled by the unique 360 degrees and 3D performance presented through three original shows - The Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess.


    The Forest is a bioluminescent universe, where endangered species including the Sumatran tiger and rhinoceros, Bornean orang utan, Asian elephant and the Sarawakian hornbills come to life. Colourful and fluorescent 3D gesture drawings are used to demonstrate a striking coexistence of these exotic creatures. While in Urban Symphony, a love story between Boy and Girl delightfully unfolds and ends with them dancing in the city streets that will have your feet tap along to the delightful tunes. Meanwhile, ‘The Goddess’ is a grand, live-action piece set in space that brings to you the birth of a divine woman from a lotus flower and her travels through forest and ice.

    Prepare to be mesmerised by the colourful visual arts, the moving orchestral soundtrack and exceptional lighting effects. Bring your family and friends and stand to be enchanted by the visually stunning world of SkySymphony!

    Nothing is more memorable than a remarkable performance. Dive into a world of high-tech theatrical productions around the world that guarantee to delight audiences worldwide in the latest issue of HIGH Life magazine.


    Party it up at ZoukOut 2017

    As the perfect icing on the cake to cap of 2017, Asia’s largest beachfront music festival, ZoukOut is returning to sunny Singapore. The only dusk-to-dawn dance festival is ready to bring together up to 30,000 fans for another round of exhilarating music experience.


    ZoukOut 2017 is the 17th installation of its kind, hosted by the popular nightclub Zouk – named Best Club in Asia and Fourth Best Club in the world by DJ Mag. The much-anticipated event has brought in some of the biggest artists in dance music like DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Masters at Work, Gilles Peterson and Armin Van Buuren, to dedicated fans across Southeast Asia.

    This year’s two-day event which will be held from the 8th to 9th December will see world-renowned acts like Marshmello, Grammy Award-winning Flume, Robin Schulz, Claptone and more take the stage.


    Festival-lovers are in for an additional treat as ZoukOut is not just known for its dance music from around the world, but also its premium beachfront festival location. ZoukOut 2017, which takes place in the heart of Siloso Beach will allow its patrons to be immersed in a one-of-a kind entertainment wonderland from the moment they enter.

    This year-end, pack your bags and be prepared for a festival experience you’ll never forget. ZoukOut will be the place to escape, where sleep will be secondary as you party from dusk till dawn.

    For ticket prices, full line-up and more information, visit www.zoukout.com


    Magnificent, monumental, magical masterpieces

    HIGH Life goes on a relic hunt for some of the best and most exquisite modern-day sculptures in Resorts World Genting’s very own compounds. Amid your getaway atop the hills, be treated to a feast of the most eye-catching and ever inspiring masterpieces of our time.


    Genting Rouge, Resorts World Genting


    Etched with the notion of escapism, Genting Rouge is a prestigious club like no other. It emanates the allure and promise of indulging and satisfying your every whim and desire in a private unconstrained sanctuary. It is the ultimate after-hours playing field especially crafted for the elite, that enchants its discerning clientele through tasteful craftsmanship, remarkably curated arts, crowned with the personification of individualised service.

    Genting Rouge is the only place where glamour meets grandeur, classical arts meets the modern contemporary pieces and the best of the old and the latest of masterpieces collide.

    One notable art fixture is the Swarovski crystal dragon which hangs majestically across a dimly lit space. Its radiance, regal form and the magnetic glint in the creature’s eyes, a thing that one cannot help but be drawn to. The elegant dragon fixture is surrounded by an aptly designed space which draws inspiration from the golden era of Shanghai in the 1930s. The designer and art curator of the space, Alan Chan, opted for Art Deco, a rather eclectic design that saw its boom in the same era of inspiration. The space exudes traditional decorative styles of ancient cultures, while still honouring modern innovations.


    Horse by Fernando Botero, Resorts World Genting



    Considered as one of the most recognised Latin American artist alive today, Fernando Botero’s art pieces are housed in some of the world’s most prestigious sites, including Park Avenue in New York City and the Champs-Élysées in Paris to name a few. Resorts World Genting is also on the list to be honoured with the presence of ‘Horse’, a Botero sculpture that was completed in 2013, in Tuscany as the third edition of its same variation.

    Botero initiated the sculptures of animals in exaggerated volumes and proportions during his time in Paris. Boterismo is Botero’s own version of Baroque art that is crafted through the observation of rules of clarity, rhythm and harmony to achieve a sculpture that is sensually sculpted and exaggerated into his very own. The style often depicts people and figures in large magnified and hyperbolic proportions, which is, depending on the piece, either represented with political criticism or humour.

    ‘Horse’, in particular, shows a depiction of an over inflated, bulbous yet imposing and majestic-looking version of the animal. The tall 3-meter high bronze mount is a towering sight to behold and is the largest horse sculpture done by the artist. Saturated in his signature style, the ever baronial figure now stands in the classy compounds of Genting Grand Hotel in Resorts World Genting ever since mid-2014, allowing visitors to feast their eyes and fully immerse themselves while observing one of Botero’s artistic creation that absolutely demands your attention!

    Relax and recharge this weekend

    Looking for a change of pace? Start planning your relaxing weekend with our pick of the best things to do to relax and recharge.

    Take a dip 


     Experience the peaceful tranquility of the highlands while soaking in our swimming pool at e18hteen.  You can also catch some of the best views of the Titiwangsa Mountains while you cool down in the pool.  Located on the Level 18 of Crockfords, enjoy some drinks and munch on light bites while hanging out at the comfortable pool deck.  


    Rejuvenate your mind and soul



    Immerse yourself in the ultimate spa getaway while getting lost in the blissful and sensuous treatments at M Spa & Fitness in Genting Grand. From our signature Balinese Massage to our Hot Stone Therapy treatment, we are all about making you feel relaxed.  Indulge in some well-deserved ‘me’ time with the wide range of massage, facial, skin and body treatments available. 


    Have conversations over coffee



    Catch up with friends or loved ones over a cup of coffee or tea. Parisian brasserie Cafés Richard is a beautiful and gracious place to relax over a cup of fragrant tea, cold drip coffee and more. Their French afternoon tea sets are also perfect for a relaxing day out. As you soak in all the Parisian vibes, you’ll be left catching up with your friends for hours.  

    Party it up at ZoukOut 2017

    As the perfect icing on the cake to cap of 2017, Asia’s largest beachfront music festival, ZoukOut is returning to sunny Singapore. The only dusk-to-dawn dance festival is ready to bring together up to 30,000 fans for another round of exhilarating music experience.


    ZoukOut 2017 is the 17th installation of its kind, hosted by the popular nightclub Zouk – named Best Club in Asia and Fourth Best Club in the world by DJ Mag. The much-anticipated event has brought in some of the biggest artists in dance music like DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Masters at Work, Gilles Peterson and Armin Van Buuren, to dedicated fans across Southeast Asia.

    This year’s two-day event which will be held from the 8th to 9th December will see world-renowned acts like Marshmello, Grammy Award-winning Flume, Robin Schulz, Claptone and more take the stage.


    Festival-lovers are in for an additional treat as ZoukOut is not just known for its dance music from around the world, but also its premium beachfront festival location. ZoukOut 2017, which takes place in the heart of Siloso Beach will allow its patrons to be immersed in a one-of-a kind entertainment wonderland from the moment they enter.

    This year-end, pack your bags and be prepared for a festival experience you’ll never forget. ZoukOut will be the place to escape, where sleep will be secondary as you party from dusk till dawn.

    For ticket prices, full line-up and more information, visit www.zoukout.com