• Getting around Resorts World Genting is easy with our complimentary shuttle service. Get quick, hassle-free transport between hotels and cable car stations. You’re on holiday – it’s time to feel like it!

  • First World Hotel - Awana Hotel (Midnight Service)

    From First World Hotel From Awana Bus Terminal From Bus Holding Bay From Awana Hotel
    12.30am 1.00am 1.05am 1.15am
    2.00am 2.30am 2.35am 2.45am
    3.30am 4.00am 4.05am 4.15am
    5.00am 5.30am 5.35am 5.45am
    6.15am 6.45am - 6.55am

    First World Hotel - Chin Swee Caves Temple

    From First World Hotel  
    (Lobby Lane 3)
    From Chin Swee Caves Temple
    9.00am 9.15am
    10.00am 10.15am
    11.00am 11.15am
    12.00 noon 12.15pm
    2.00pm 2.15pm
    3.00pm 3.15pm
    4.00pm 4.15pm
    5.00pm 5.15pm
    6.00pm 6.15pm
    7.00pm 7.15pm
    8.00pm 8.15pm
    9.00pm 9.15pm

    Awana Bus Terminal - Holding Bay - Awana Hotel

    15-minute intervals between 7.00am and 12.30am.

    The Management reserves the right to alter or withdraw any of the above schedules at any time without prior notice.

    For more information, please call us at
    Tel: (603) 6105 9584 / (603) 6105 9585
    • Reservation Number
      Genting Transport Reservations Centre
      Tel: (603) 6251 8398
      Fax: (603) 6251 8399

      Limousine Service Counter (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
      Tel: (603) 8776 6753
      Fax: (603) 8787 3873

      Limousine Service Counter (Resorts World Genting)
      Tel: (603) 6105 9584
      Fax: (603) 6105 2187