It’s every Smurf’s favourite time of year: Spring! For the first time in Malaysia, see the Smurfs come to life on the grand stage with the life-sized mushroom-shaped forest houses, vibrant backdrops and wonderful sing-along music.

    The Smurfs Save Spring follows the Smurfs’ magical adventure to save the much-anticipated annual Spring Parade from Gargamel’s scheme to ruin the festivities. Will the Smurfs save Mother Nature and stop Gargamel from turning off Spring forever?

    Come cheer for Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Brainy, Smurfette, and the gang in this 90-minute show at the Genting International Showroom from 02 – 24.06.2018.

    • Date
      02 June – 24 June 2018
    • Time
      Daily 8.30pm
      Sunday 4pm
    • Location
      Genting International Showroom

    • Seats for those with special needs are located in the easily accessible zone (marked with the wheelchair sign on the floor plan). For ticket reservations, please call:
      03-2718 1118.

  • TICKET LAUNCH - 9 March 2018

    Early Bird Discount 9 March – 30 April 2018

    Non Member (10%)
    VIP RM158.40
    PS1 RM122.40
    PS2 RM86.40
    Genting Rewards Members' Cash / Credit Card Rates (20%)
    VIP RM140.80
    PS1 RM108.80
    PS2 RM76.80
    Genting Rewards Members' GP Redemption Rates (20%)
    VIP 140.80GP
    PS1 108.80GP
    PS2 76.80GP

    Normal Rate (After 30 April 2018)

    Non Member
    VIP RM176
    PS1 RM136
    PS2 RM96
    Genting Rewards Members' Cash / Credit Card Rates
    VIP RM158.40
    PS1 RM122.40
    PS2 RM86.40
    Genting Rewards Members' GP Redemption Rates
    VIP 158.40GP
    PS1 122.40GP
    PS2 86.40GP

    ** All numbered seats.
    ** 10% discount for all Genting Rewards members.
    ** Ticket prices are inclusive of GST.
    ** Excluding RM4 processing fee.

    Genting Members Promotion

    GP = Genting Points
    • 10% standard discount for GRC members via Genting Point Redemption and cash/credit card, applicable for all price scales.
    • FOC for children below 1 year old. Terms and conditions apply.

    • The discounted rates published above are only available to a stipulated number of tickets and are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability.
    • Strictly no video recording and photography during the show.
    • Strictly no video camera, camera (professional or point-and-shoot) and tablet computers such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc to be brought into the venue.
    • Other terms and conditions apply.

    For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP, kindly contact (603) 2718 1118