Taiwanese songstress A-Lin is back to the scene in full swing! Following the release of her latest album, A-Lin has embarked on a new world tour with Malaysia as one of its stops!

    A-Lin has been experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years and has transformed herself into an influential star. She took a step up and became the producer of her own latest album which led her to experience and discover many new styles and elements in her music. She reinvented herself and has learned new ways to truly express her emotions in a composition or performance.

    Apart from performing her many music hits, the show will see A-Lin sharing with fans her stories and more of her inner self at an intimate setting. Besides creating greater bonding between fans and herself, she hopes to use music to lift spirit and develop courage.

    “I feel amazed that my music brings influences to others. I believe music will keep a fountain of joy alive in you and I will never give up in producing good music,” said A-Lin.

    • Date
      02 June 2018
    • Time
    • Location
      Arena of Stars

    • Seats for those with special needs are located in the easily accessible zone (marked with the wheelchair sign on the floor plan). For ticket reservations, please call:
      03-2718 1118.

  • TICKET LAUNCH - 30 March 2018

    Normal Price
    VVIP RM601.80
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    PS5 N/A

    *Excluding RM3.80 processing fee.

    Genting Members Promotion

    GP = Genting Points
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      **Limited to VIP - 50 tickets, PS1 - 50 tickets, PS2 - 50 tickets, PS3 - 50 tickets.
    • RM50 standard CHILD ticket (Child must shorter than 95cm to be eligible for child ticket priced at RM50 without seat, while children taller than 95cm must purchase tickets according to the price scale. Terms and conditions apply.)

    • Every customer MUST enter the hall with a ticket.
    • No admission for infant aged 12 months or below.
    • Each ticket is valid for one-time admission only.
    • Strictly no video recording and photography during the show.
    • Video cameras, cameras and tablet computers such as iPad are not allowed in the venue.
    • Lost or damaged ticket(s) will not be entertained.

    For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP, kindly contact (603) 2718 1118