Nancy Sit & Friends Concert Live In Malaysia 2023

Arena of Stars

Nancy Sit is a Hong Kong actress, who was also a popular teen idol in the 1960s. Sit hasn’t been featured in films for nearly five years but eventually agreed to take up the role in the drama series Golden Taels.

In this drama series, Sit takes on the role of a wealthy and prosperous woman together with Raymond Cho, Mayanne Mak, Hugo Wong, Katy Kung, Mark Ma and Kaman Kong, who will play the role of her sons and daughter in laws respectively.  The story revolves around Sit’s character being forced to take out the family heirloom in hopes of resolving the dispute between the three brothers and allowing them to discover the true meaning of brotherhood during the process. 

Sit’s biggest hope is that everyone would have an enjoyable time watching the performance during the New Year. Get excited as Sit and her friends bring joy and laughter through the comedic skit that aims to share the importance of harmony and kinship within the family.


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