Online transfer for e-CASH top-up

Using RWG Mobile App for online fund transfer (not applicable to Genting SkyCard members) 
Step 1 : Login to RWG Mobile Apps
Step 2 : Select “Account” and tap the “Top-up” icon next to “e-CASH”
Step 3 : Go to “Transfer Amount for Top-up”
Step 4 : Enter your preferred amount for fund transfer
Step 5 : Proceed for e-payment via FPX Internet Banking
Step 6 : Awaiting confirmation that the fund transfer is successful
Step 7 : To top-up the “e-Cash”, scan the QR code at the designated gaming machines and tables in the casino premises 
Please read and understand the terms and conditions of this service. Please note the last step of “e-CASH” top-up must be done inside the casino premises.