• Power-ed up to go above and beyond

    "Because of you..." Those three little words spoken by Genting Malaysia president Dato' Sri Lee Choong Yan have left a deep impression with many members of the staff who attended the Power Up! event held over two days on August 29 and 30 at the Arena of Stars.

    One of those who were inspired by the president's message that the company's success lies with the employees was concierge Mohd Sapri Abdul Razak, 53. "I felt so proud when I heard the president said 'because of you'. It immediately lifted my spirit and made me determined to go above and beyond to give the best service to the guests," said Sapri, who started as an office boy in the Human Resources Department 34 years ago.

    He praised the Power Up! event as a one-of-a-kind event which highlighted the important role played by employees of all levels in ensuring the resort's success. "I feel confident we will achieve the targets set out as long as we are sincere in delivering our services," he added.

    Another employee who was inspired after seeing the top bosses of Resorts World Genting present the "Genting Story" at the Power Up! event was bar supervisor S. Parameswaran. "The event was really exciting as it brought all staff from various departments together and it shows our unity and that we are one family.

    "Not only do we get to meet new people, it was also exciting to listen to our bosses explain the transformation that is going to take place," said the 38-year-old. Parameswaran, or Param as he is known, is living proof of how employees can go above and beyond to improve the customer experience and also achieve their personal goals. He started as a junior waiter in the F&B department 21 years ago after completing his SPM. He developed an interest in bartending and was determined to become a good bartender. On his own initiative, Param enrolled in a 6-month bartending course. "I attended daily courses for four hours every day after work and on my own time and learned how to mix cocktails and other skills to become a good bartender," said Param who started working at Resorts World Genting at the age of 17.

    Today, Param has a signature cocktail to his name. His "Purple Rain" concoction is a top seller at the Seasons outlet. Constantly seeking to improve himself, his next ambition is to learn Mandarin. "We get many guests from China and I want to be able to communicate with them so that I can give them better service," said the ever-smiling Param. Club supervisor Loke She Yee, 32, meanwhile enjoyed the Power Up! session as it provided information on the upcoming projects. "The message was very clear and after watching the presentation, I am confident that we have a good future in Resorts World Genting," she said. To ensure that she up her service, Loke said she would want to know more about her customers' profiles so that she would know their likes and dislikes to help her serve them better.

    Corporal Zulkifli Mohd Taf, with the auxiliary police unit, said the Power Up! event was amazing and he had never seen anything like it in his 12 years of service. "I attended the first session and the atmosphere was fantastic and there was a big crowd. "I felt proud watching the presentation and listening to the briefing by members of the senior management. There are many new attractions and I cannot wait for the 20th Century Fox World to be opened.

    "The transformation is on the up and it will give a complete experience to both the guests and employees," he said, adding that as a frontliner, he was glad he was now aware of the coming attractions.

    Casino marketing manager Y. T. Lim, 41, is another employee who was touched that the President had told the staff that Resorts World Genting's success was dependent on them. "Without the contributions of employees, the company won't be able to operate smoothly. So, teamwork is very important," he said, adding that he too was looking forward to the coming attractions, especially the opening of the 20th Century Fox World. Lim said the Power Up! event had inspired him to give the best service possible to ensure guests had an unforgettable experience. Concierge Anthony Das, meanwhile, said the transformations would put Resorts World Genting on the world map and it would become a must-visit destination for visitors to Malaysia.

    Asked how he would give guests an "Above + Beyond" experience, Anthony said he had always made it a point to thoroughly checked guests' rooms when collecting their luggage for check-out.

    "Over the years, I have found many things that guests accidentally left behind. I made sure I even lift up the pillows and check in the closet and bathroom to make sure they have not forgotten anything," said the friendly concierge who had worked in Resorts World Genting for 37 years and married a former employee of the resort. Anthony, who had previously won the Employee of the Year Award, said among his memorable experiences was helping ailing guests who needed emergency treatment. "They would call the concierge desk and we would rush to their rooms with wheelchairs and help them get the necessary treatment," he said, adding that the guests' appreciation made him felt good.

    Chef de partie Mohd Amin Mohd Zain, 45, who has worked with Resorts World Genting for more than 24 years, said he felt nolstalgic when he thinks of how it was when he first started working.

    "There have been so many changes over the years and now I can't wait to see the coming attractions especially 20th Century Fox World," he said, adding that to ensure continued success, employees must provide service with a sincere heart and know the products. Nieda Noorazli, a 35-year-old guest service assistant supervisor, said she especially liked the beginning chapter of the 6-part "Genting Story" which showed an elderly man looking at old pictures of the resort and how the man was later amazed at the transformation taking place. "I have been with Resorts World Genting for 12 years and have grown with the company. The Power Up! event has made me even more determined to go above and beyond. "I feel we can still improve our customer service which is important to ensure that guests will come back and stay with us," she added.

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