• Coffee, tea and a smile

    With comfortable hotel beds and clean rooms across Resorts World Genting’s hotels, it is easy to forget all the hard work that goes into making them look so welcoming.

    Laughter and good-natured banter filled the air at three food and beverage outlets at Resorts World Genting when members of the senior management turned up for the third edition of the Partner with Department Programme on Nov 7, 2016.

    Clad in the colourful uniforms of the serving staff of Coffee Terrace, Bubbles & Bites and Resort Seafood, members of the senior management who took part included EVP Resorts Operations Mr Aaron Chia, SVP Casino Marketing Mr Leow Beng Hooi and SVP Hotel Operations Dato’ Edward Holloway.

    Mr Leow was joined by VP Casino Marketing, Mr Eh Sau Tom, VP Casino Marketing Mr Tan Chye Boon, VP Regulatory Compliance Mr Wong Kok Loon, VP Social Media Mr Nicco Tan, Chief Engineer Mr Lee Keng Hock at the Coffee Terrace.

    At Bubbles & Bites, Mr Chia was joined by SVP IT Mr Yong Way En, VP Resorts Planning Mr Tey Chun Kee and VP Casino Marketing Miss Winnie Lim.

    Dato’ Holloway, meanwhile, had VP Casino Marketing Clarence Tan, VP ESI Jimmy Wong and VP HR Ms Tan Kim Lian for company at Resort Seafood.

    The programme kicked off at 11.30am with a quick briefieng at the respective outlets where the bosses were paired with their “partners” from the serving staff.

    The bosses then headed off to their respective stations with their partners who taught them everything from laying the tables and the proper way to carry a tray to operating the coffee machines and slicing lemons.

    The bosses showed that they were fast learners as they soon slipped into their roles and were busy greeting customers, clearing dirty dishes and explaining the menu items.

    The 2-hour programme ended with pairings exchanging high-fives and congratulating each other on a job well done.

    The Partner With Department programme aims to give the top management an understanding of the work carried out by staff in the various departments to identify weaknesses and to find ways to improve the work flow and processes.

    The previous two editions were held at the Housekeeping and the Slots and Casino Marketing departments.

    Here are some of the comments from members of the senior management and their partners:

    Dato’ Edward Holloway, SVP Hotel Operations (Resort Seafood)
    “We can become more efficient by changing the processes in the kitchen. We can probably cut down 10 hours of labour and manpower just by rearranging things in the kitchen. That way we can make our service better and become more efficient”.

    Jeny Chan, Waitress (Resort Seafood)
    “I was scared at first when I was told that I had to partner Dato’ Holloway, but it turned out to be very fun!”

    Ms Tan Kim Lian, VP Human Resources (Resort Seafood)
    “It was my first time doing something like that. The best part was seeing the customers happy with their food! I also noticed that the order system can be more efficient. By doing so, we can increase the speed at which orders are taken and submitted”.

    Norshafika binti Hamdan, Waitress (Resort Seafood)
    “It was initially awkward to have to partner Miss Kim but I had a wonderful time”.

    Mr. Aaron Chia, EVP Resorts Operations (Bubbles & Bites)
    “I was a bucker for the day. It was fun looking at how the chefs prepared the food, delivering the food to customers and seeing whether they enjoyed the food. Moving forward, we can look into ways to better communicate with our Mandarin-speaking guests”.

    Ahmad Hafez, Waiter (Bubbles & Bites)
    “Mr Aaron is a very cool man! He did a great job”.

    Mr Eh Sau Tom, VP Casino Marketing (Coffee Terrace)
    “It’s a great day for me. After many years with Genting, I get the opportunity to put on this beautiful uniform and I really feel proud of it! Our staff members really go above and beyond to provide great service, and they should keep it up”.

    Ku Rashidee bin Ku Muhamad, Waiter (Coffee Terrace)
    “It’s my first time being able to work with senior management members. Not everyone has this opportunity, so I really appreciate it”.

    Mr Nicco Tan, VP Social Media (Coffee Terrace)
    “My goal today was to make sure that the plates were cleaned out quickly and attend to guests’ needs. I had to be alert all the time! It looks easy, but you have to be physically and mentally prepared. In the future, we can better highlight the ingredients in certain dishes to cater to guests with dietary restrictions”.

    Khairul Azwan bin Hamidon, Waiter (Coffee Terrace)
    “I was very excited and thankful to be able to work with the boss. Nicco was great! 5 stars for him!”

    The guests, too, gave two thumbs up to the programme:

    Mr Khoo Swee Pok, 70-year-old retiree from Johor Baru
    “I am a regular at Resorts World Genting and I am happy with the service here. It is good for the bosses to come to the ground and see if anything can be improved.”

    Madam Goh Whay Ghin, 77-year-old housewife from Singapore
    “I come to Resorts World Genting at least once or twice a month. I like the food at Coffee Terrace and the service is good. It is good that the bosses are looking into ways to improve.”

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