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  • Mid-Autumn Windfall 2019

    Mid-Autumn Windfall 2019

    Earn big with your Genting Points this season at the Mid-Autumn Windfall, where every Genting Point earned will reward you with Mid-Autumn Points (MAPs).

    Double MAPs will also be given to every Genting Point earned at VIP gaming areas (ETG and Slots). Acquired MAPs can then be used to redeem NN credits as well as Mid-Autumn mooncakes.

    Earning period: 01 – 17.08.2019
    Utilisation period: 18 – 31.08.2019

    Redemption of NN credits

    Mid-Autumn Points (MAPs) Entitlements
    250RM25 NN ETG credits (VIP)
    RM25 NN ETG credits (Non-VIP)
    RM25 NN Slots credits (VIP)
    RM25 NN Slots credits (Non-VIP)
    1,000RM100 NN ETG credits (VIP)
    RM100 NN ETG credits (Non-VIP)
    RM100 NN Slots credits (VIP)
    RM100 NN Slots credits (Non-VIP)
    10,000RM1,000 NN ETG credits (VIP)
    RM1,000 NN ETG credits (Non-VIP)
    RM1,000 NN Slots credits (VIP)
    RM1,000 NN Slots credits (Non-VIP)

    *Deduction of MAP for ETG NN credits can be utilised at ALL casino areas.
    **Deduction of MAP for Slots NN credit for Non-VIP area is only applicable at SkyCasino.
    ***Deduction of MAP for Slots NN credit for VIP area is applicable for both Main Casino and SkyCasino.

    Redemption of mooncakes

    Selected outlets

    • Genting Palace
    • Good Friends
    • Malaysian Food Street
    • First World Hotel Lobby (opposite First World Hotel Starbucks)

    Terms and conditions

    • Mid-Autumn Points (MAPs) earned from 01 – 17.08.2019 can be utilised from 18 – 31.08.2019 only.
    • This promotion is open to all Genting Rewards members, excluding SkyCard holders.
    • All unused MAPs will be forfeited and expired on 01.09.2019.
    • Payment mode accepted during redemption for non-gaming products will be MAPs, cash, credit cards and GP deduction.
    • Members are allowed to top-up using cash /credit card to purchase any particular merchandise if MAPs are not sufficient.
    • Payment at the selected dining outlets must be made by way of partial redemption using MAPs. The balance can either be paid with Genting Points/ cash/ credit card. Full redemption using MAPs is not allowed.
    • There will be no capping on the earning of MAPs.
    • Members must redeem their MAPs personally during the campaign period; redemption on behalf is strictly prohibited.
    • Cross usage of points between members is not valid in this promotion.
    • Members can only redeem the NN credits according to the value set by each package.
    • Genting Malaysia Berhad reserves the rights to replace, withdraw or limit items in this promotion, and change the product prices at its discretion without prior notice.
    • Genting Malaysia Berhad reserves the rights to add, amend or delete the terms and conditions stated herein at any time without prior notice.
    • Other standard terms and conditions shall be applicable for all offers and entitlements. Please refer to respective counters for further information.


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