• Tai Sai

    • Tai Sai, also known as Sic Bo, is an ancient Chinese game played with 3 dice in which you predict the numbers on the dice after they have been shaken.
    • Tai Sai is played with players betting against the House by betting House chips. Betting limits are displayed at the gaming table.
    • The game begins when the 3 dice within the glass casing are shaken or juggled by a mechanical device.
    • Next, players place their bets in the betting layout at the gaming table.
    • The opaque cover of the glass casing will only be lifted after the dealer rings the bell and announces, “No more bets.”
    • The winning combination is the numbers indicated by the 3 dice facing upwards.
    • All games are valid whether the dice slants or rests as normal, except in cases where one dice rests on top of another.