• Have you ever served coffee or flipped an omelette at 6,000 feet? Altitude isn’t the only difference you’ll experience at Resorts World Genting. Come join our move towards a new era in service at our Hotel Division! It takes exceptional individuals to provide exceptional service, and our push towards the future is premised on our ability to deliver. Make monotony a thing of the past as you meet, greet, and serve guests from near and far; and let ordinary tasks become extraordinary parts of their experience with us. It’s your serve.

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    Hospitality Experts Career Advice for Job Seekers

    Career Advice from Steven Chou (Chef De Cuisine)

    Career Advice from Eric Lee (Executive Sous Chef)

    Career Advice from Ikuo Umeda (Specialty Chef)

    Career Advice from Errol Christopher De Castro (Club Director)

    Career Advice from Pranill Saam (Mixologist)

    Career Advice from Kevin Yee (Sommelier)