• Awana Bus Terminal

    Driving all the way up to Resorts World Genting can put undue strain on your car and the brake pads. And you might not even find a parking lot up there.
    Why not relax and let others do the driving? Take an express bus which stops at the Awana SkyWay building. Patterned after a modern-day airport, the new building ensures that you can get to and from your buses faster and easier.

  • Store Name Level Store Number
    Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant Level 2 2-12
    Empayar Seremban Siew Pow Level 2 2-5
    Kenny Rogers Roasters Level 2 2-7
    Nam Heong Ipoh Level 2 2-10
    Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh Level 2 2-9
    Taiwan Little Chef Level 2 2-11
    Tyrant Seafood Plateau Level 2 2-6
    WanHoi Char Chan Tian Level 2 2-8
    Store Name Level Store Number
    Ban Heang Level 3 3-14
    Brands Outlet Level 3 3-12 & 13
    Colour of Indochina Level 3 3-6
    Country's Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage Level 3 3-9
    Edibee Level 3 3-2
    FamilyMart Level 2 2-3
    Heng Heng Local Delights Level 3 3-15
    Loong Kee Dried Meat Level 3 3-7
    My Gadgets Level 3 3-5
    Taste of Asia Level 3 3-3 & 3-4
    Thai Odyssey Level 3 3-1
    The Baker's Cottage Level 3 3-8
    Watsons Level 2 2-4
    Yuen Fong Dried Meat Level 3 3-8A
  • Awana Bus Terminal

    • Where is the Awana Bus Terminal?
      The Awana Bus Terminal is located within the locality of the Awana SkyWay building. The Awana Bus Terminal is located on Level G.
    • How can I get to the Awana Bus Terminal from Resorts World Genting?
      At SkyAvenue, walk to Level 4 where you can board the Awana SkyWay. The SkyWay will take you from SkyAvenue Station to Awana Station.
    • How can I get to the Awana Bus Terminal from Kuala Lumpur?
      You may take the Resorts World Tours (RWT) Express Bus from One Utama, Gombak, Pudu Sentral and KL Sentral.
    • How can I get to the Awana Bus Terminal from Awana Hotel?
      A free shuttle bus service is available from Awana Hotel to Awana Bus Terminal from 7.00am until midnight.
    • Do all buses stop at the Awana Bus Terminal? Are there also drop-offs at the resort?
      Drop-off and pick-up points are at the Awana Bus Terminal. However, between midnight and 7.00am, buses will drop off or pick up passengers at First World Hotel (Lane 2).
    • Where can I buy a bus ticket?
      You can get your bus tickets at the Awana Bus Terminal ticketing counters located at Level G.
    • Can I purchase tickets for the Awana SkyWay at the Awana Bus Terminal?
      No. Tickets for the SkyWay are sold at the Awana SkyWay ticketing counter located at Level 2.
    • Can I buy both bus and SkyWay tickets from Kuala Lumpur?
      Yes, you certainly can. These are available for sale from the RWT Express Bus ticketing counters at One Utama, Gombak, Pudu Sentral and KL Sentral.
    • Is there food for sale at the bus terminal?
      We will have food and beverage outlets at the terminal in the near future. Stay tuned!
    • How many bays does Awana Bus Terminal have?
      There are currently 12 platforms located on Level G. We will open more platforms in stages to cater to more passengers in the future.
    • How big is the Awana Bus Terminal?
      The Awana Bus Terminal has 1 floor dedicated for bus drop off and pick up of passengers.
    • Can I get to Resorts World Genting without taking the Awana SkyWay?
      Visitors may also travel to Resorts World Genting by car or by taxi.

    • Reservation Number

      Genting Transport Reservations Centre
      Tel: (603) 6251 8398
      Fax: (603) 6251 8399

      Limousine Service Counter (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
      Tel: (603) 8776 6753
      Fax: (603) 8787 3873

      Limousine Service Counter (Resorts World Genting)
      Tel: (603) 6105 9584
      Fax: (603) 6105 2187