• Tea Talk with Mr Yong Way En

    On Oct 10, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Mr Yong Way En participated in the Tea Talk held at the Meeting Point cafeteria. This was a great opportunity for staff members to get up close with a member of the senior management to let their voices be heard. That afternoon, Mr Yong lent a listening ear and paid full attention to the needs of the staff members.

    Many issues regarding IT operations were raised that day as senior managers, executives and engineers participated in the Tea Talk. Some highlights include:

    • The maximum number of annual leave days in the IT department cannot be carried forward to the subsequent year
    • Lack of clarity in the IT portfolios
    • KPI target set for the IT department is too high
    • Propose for more facilities to be added in the IT office
    • Suggest the IT HOD to reciew and stand by allowance for multiple pagers
    • Training opportunities are very limited for the IT application team
    • Initiate a community of Siamese staff with 60 members to bond and tackle work-related problems

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