• Tea Talk with Mr Nick Papal

    Mr Nick Papal led April’s Tea Talk session on March 12, which was held in heart of the bustling Casino Café. The Senior Vice President of Casino Operations interacted with various staff members, hearing them out as they voiced their thoughts. Some of the topics that were discussed that afternoon were:

    • Suggestion to include more third-party stalls in the Casino Café to provide more food variety
    • Request to increase salary
    • Food provided in the Casino Café may be too spicy
    • Food provided in the Casino Café lacks variety and quality
    • Ongoing problem of non-functioning lifts in RSC1 (only one is working currently)
    • Clarification on how performance index will be affected due to factors like sick leaves
    • Lack of promotion to a senior-level croupier
    • Suggestion to increase current 20-minute break time
    • Promotion evaluations should only be based on performance
    • Lack of access to other floors in RSC5 due to some lifts that are programmed only to access Level 23 and 24
    • Clarification on when the ‘Collective Adjustment’ will take place
    • Suggestion to introduce more shift times, such as a new 6pm-2am shift
    • Clarification on recent failure to be promoted to a Supervisor

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