• Tea Talk with Rocky Too

    For September’s edition of the Tea Talks programme, Mr Rocky Too, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing met up with 11 staff members at Meeting Point. With staff members ranging from managerial positions to executives, Mr Rocky received a wide array of feedback and took the opportunity to get to know the day-to-day operations in better detail.

    Among the feedback highlighted on that day were:

    • The lack of food choices during the 2-4pm period at Meeting Point
    • Telco and wi-fi connectivity unavailable since August
    • Staff members tend to feel the stress of having to learn multiple service standards with the introduction of the 5A Service and Forbes 5 Star Service principles
    • The starting salary for Skyway staff at RM1,000 is insufficient
    • Suggestion to offer incentives to long service staff who have achieved the pay ceiling
    • Inconsistent pricing of mixed rice at Meeting Point

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