• Tea Talk with Mr Rocky Too

    Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr Rocky Too led the first Tea Talk of 2017 on Jan 25. During the session which lasted an hour and a half, staff members from the food and beverage, and hotel divisions made their way to Meeting Point to express their concerns to Mr Rocky.

    A variety of issues were raised that day, including:

    • Request for foldable tables and chairs in the RSC9 laundry area
    • Lack of experienced staff members at the Maxims Hotel front office
    • Food variety and consistency in the staff cafeteria
    • Staff appreciation initiatives like meal subsidies
    • Living conditions in RSC4 with noise disruptions, uncomfortable mattresses, water leakage and worn-out doors
    • Concerns over managerial hierarchy within a specific team
    • Better environment for Coffee Terrace staff members to eat during their break
    • Revamp smoking area near Meeting Point

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