• Tea Talk with Mr Paul Baker and Mr Eddie Teh

    Febuary’s edition of the Tea Talk series featured Mr Paul Baker and Mr Eddie Teh. On Feb 15, both of them made themselves comfortable at the Food Avenue cafeteria, ready to listen.

    Staff members got in line for some one-on-one time with Mr Paul and Mr Eddie. Some of the concerns and issues and enquiries brought to light were:

    • Concerns about salary increment
    • Suggestion to tweak the shift intervals (jump shift) as the current schedule can be inconvenient
    • Food availability during midnight shifts
    • Inconsistencies in food prices at Meeting Point and Food Avenue
    • Request for a futsal court
    • Request for better Wi-Fi coverage in RSC rooms
    • Tours and team building activities for staff members
    • Future plans for Snow World and First World Plaza as a whole
    • Management structures for Twentieth Century Fox World and the existing Indoor Theme Park
    • Clarification on the uniforms included in the UPI system
    • Suggestion to add an additional day off and reduce the number of work hours on Saturdays
    • Suggestion to distribute salaries on an earlier date
    • Suggestion to have an ATM machine in the RSC compound
    • Plans to provide a nursery
    • Suggestion to have a larger television at Food Avenue

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