• Tea Talk with Ms Koh Poy Yong

    June’s edition was held in Wisma Genting, with Ms Koh Poy Yong leading the conversation. Employees from various departments gathered at Level 23 to have some one-on-one time with the Chief Financial Officer herself. A variety of feedback and concerns were raised during the session:

    Work environment
    • Proposal to upgrade the office environment to be more youthful and interactive for the Gen-Y employees
    • More opportunities for employees to organize fun departmental events and programmes to empower them
    • Positive feedback on the Finance department’s efficiency level
    • Cleanliness of the toilet on the Level 17 is still not up to par
    • Proposal to have a lactation room in the office

    • Suggestion for Wisma Genting employees to have replacement leaves for public holidays that fall on a Saturday
    • Concern over difference in annual leave allotment for long-term employees in Wisma Genting and GHR
    • Suggestion to provide gift vouchers to employees during their birthdays
    • Suggestion to promote executives based on their talent and skills, rather than their duration of service
    • Concern over high turnover rate in the Finance department
    • Suggestion to make one day of the week a casual attire day
    • Suggestion to introduce work-from-home option
    • Suggestion to review flexi-hour option as current take up rate is low
    • Proposal to allow double promotion which is currently not allowed
    • The need to ensure that the interpretation of criteria for executives in FE1 and FE2 are aligned for both HR and Finance

    Process & control
    • Long wait for claims done through the iClaim system due to bottlenecks in the approval flow
    • Outdated method of submitting MCs and claims
    • Lack of consistency in claim protocols
    • Suggestion to increase the medical claim limit

    • Suggestion for buses to transport Wisma Genting employees to the resort for the employee carnival
    • Feedback on resort visitations which has been doing well with the new assets

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