• Tea Talk with Mr Thomas Ng

    Senior Vice President of Theme Park, Mr Thomas Ng joined the Tea Talk programme on Aug 8. During his session, a total of 20 people from the casino, theme park, hotel and support services division stopped by at Meeting Point to have some one-on-one time with him.

    A variety of issues were raised during that day, including:

    • Some executive rooms in RSC9 are small
    • Free rides for Awana Skyway has caused people to mistaken Genting Skyway as the new Skyway
    • Will the closure of Genting Casino in First World affect outlets located within the casino?
    • Suggestion to have pure vegetarian outlets
    • Smoking room in Meeting Point can be a distraction as doors are always left open, affecting the public area
    • Wi-Fi connection at RSC’s lobby is too slow
    • Some staff members have not updated their marital status but are staying together, leaving the other rooms empty. Some are also using it for their own family members.
    • Proposal to have Muslim employees wear black headscarves to go along with the new uniforms
    • Proper sanitation options for Skyway staff

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