• Tea Talk with Mr Paul Baker

    A series of conversations where staff members express their concerns, the Tea Talk Programme provides a platform for them to interact closely with the senior management. On Jan 11, Mr Paul Baker, Deputy Chief Operating Officer participated in the first Tea Talk session. 28 staff members from the hotel, food and beverage, engineering and public relations departments made their way to the Meeting Point cafeteria to chat with Mr Paul about their concerns.

    Mr Paul was a great listener and offered great action plans moving forward. Among the feedback and issues highlighted were:

    • Food prices at the RSC1 food court are higher than those in Meeting Point
    • HR Senior Club Assistant interviewees haven’t received any updates in a year
    • Tea Talks and Town Halls should be held in Wisma Genting too
    • Requests to have 5-day work weeks for hotel executives
    • Old garbage trucks cause problems for the surrounding area and those in Housekeeping
    • Proposal to bring back the Manager Conferences that includes staff members

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