• Tea Talk with Mr Lim Eng Ming

    May’s Tea Talk session was led by Mr Lim Eng Ming, SVP Casino and Security Operations. That evening, Mr Lim arrived at the Meeting Point cafeteria to lend a listening ear. Staff members and executives from various departments came to express their feedback and suggestions – among them were:

    • Insufficient ATM machines for employees, creating long queue lines for customers alike
    • Difficulty in explaining reduction in voucher redemption benefits to customers
    • Problems getting to the Awana SkyWay faced by handicapped customers
    • Suggestion to have the Genting SkyWay and Awana SkyWay operate simultaneously
    • Request for increase in transport and petrol allowance and more efficient claim collection process
    • Enquiry on status of Collective Agreement
    • Poorly lit Sg. Cheruk route could be dangerous for staff based there
    • Limited connectivity at Sg Cheruk due to week telco signals at water catchment site
    • Ria Apartment wardens seem to enter rooms without permission
    • Lack of action taken to address problems faced by Ria Apartment residents

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