• Tea Talk with Mr Leow Beng Hooi

    In July’s edition of the Tea Talk, SVP of Casino Marketing Mr Leow Beng Hooi led the conversation at the Meeting Point cafeteria on July 18. The issues and feedback that were highlighted during the session were:

    • Allowance increment for employees who were promoted before the new rate was imposed
    • Insufficient manpower when comparing SkyCasino and the main casino
    • Suggestion to use weather-proof paint and metal cupboards for rooms in RSC9 to avoid moulding
    • Suggestion to carry out pest control in RSC9
    • Coordinate communication to ensure smooth and efficient deployment of manpower during respective shifts
    • Suggestion to introduce an Academy like the Above + Beyond Academy for gaming purposes to provide dealers with soft skills and deeper knowledge on the industry
    • Suggestion to introduce more SMC activities, such as, knowledge exchange sessions and visits to improve employees’ product knowledge
    • Suggestion to look into tapping into the wedding photography market once the new theme park opens

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