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  • KLEAN Reverse Vending Machine

    KLEAN Reverse Vending Machine

    What can you do with your empty drink cans or bottles?
    Exchange them for FREE theme park rides!

    When you drop an empty aluminium can or PET bottle into a KLEAN Reverse Vending Machine, you will get 10 KLEAN Points.

    Here’s what you can get with KLEAN Points:
    • 50 KLEAN Points = Free 1 pay-per-ride ticket at Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park
    • 100 KLEAN Points = Buy 1 Free 1 reward for purchase of Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park Preview Pass

    Getting rewarded for your trash has never been easier!

    Step 1: Download the KLEAN-MY mobile app from Google Play or the App Store
    Step 2: Follow the instructions on the vending machine
    Step 3: Drop an empty aluminium can (240ml) or PET bottle (500ml) into a KLEAN Reverse Vending Machine
    Step 4: Scan the QR code using your mobile app to earn points!

    If you do not wish to claim the KLEAN points, simply click “CANCEL” on the vending machine to return to home screen.

    You can check your rewards on the KLEAN-MY mobile app. Once you’ve earned enough KLEAN Points to qualify for a reward, you must redeem and utilise the reward within 24 hours.

    Simply present the reward on your mobile app to the cashier to redeem and enjoy your reward on the spot!

    Find a KLEAN reverse vending machine near you!
    • Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park
    • SkySymphony (Level 1, SkyAvenue)
    • Awana SkyWay (Level 4, SkyAvenue)
    • Malaysian Food Street (Level 4, SkyAvenue)


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