• Hospitality at the heart of the world’s largest hotel

    With comfortable hotel beds and clean rooms across Resorts World Genting’s hotels, it is easy to forget all the hard work that goes into making them look so welcoming.

    The atmosphere in the First World Hotel on March 13, 2017, was unlike any other day, as the senior managers were spotted in the heart of the hotel. All dressed in the signature red First World Hotel Front Office uniforms, the senior managers took over the front office operations in the fourth edition of the Partner with Department Programme.

    Led by VP Resorts Planning Mr Tey Chun Kee, VP Surveillance Low Fook Siang, VP Casino Treasury Ms Thum Cheng Yim, VP Hotel Operations Mr Ganaesan Subramanian and VP Casino Operations Mr Yeo Yong Meng, were stationed at the check-in kiosk area.

    SVP IT Mr Yong Way En, VP Security Mr Khor Hai Peng, VP Theme Park Technical Mr Chia Chin Kuan and VP Human Resources Ms Kim Tan took care of luggage services while VP ESI Mr Jimmy Wong held down the fort at the information counter.

    Meanwhile, behind the check-in counter were EVP Resort Operations Mr Aaron Chia, SVP Finance and Corporate Affairs Mr James Koh, VP Legal & Admin Ms Patsy Chin, VP First World Hotel Mr Victor Foo and VP EADi Mr Calvin Chee.

    Excitement filled the air during the morning briefing as the senior managers got into a group huddle before breaking out into their stations. Like any other day, the lobby was busy but the senior managers were ready to learn and assist with the help of their partners who comprised of staff from the First World Hotel Front Office.

    The senior managers slipped right into their roles in no time. From genuinely interacting with guests and conducting check-ins to carrying heavy luggage, they demonstrated warmth and friendliness in their duties.

    When faced with challenges on the job, the senior managers maneuvered through them gracefully. Whether it was a language barrier or check-in issue, they shared the common goal of maintaining positive experiences for every guest.

    The programme wrapped up with a debriefing session and team lunch as senior managers celebrated a job well done with their partners.

    The Partner with Department programme aims to expose senior managers to the work carried out by staff in various departments. By taking time out of their regular schedules to participate, they can identify areas of improvement for more efficient work flow.

    Previous editions were held at the Housekeeping, Slots and Casino Marketing, and Food & Beverage departments.

    Here are some comments from the senior managers and their partners:

    Mr Aaron Chia, EVP Resort Operations
    “I’m very impressed with the pace in which the check-in staff members perform. They were very fast and efficient.”

    Ms Thum Cheng Yim, VP Casino Treasury
    “It was a good experience. It’s my first time being assigned to a role like this.”

    Mr Victor Foo, VP First World Hotel
    “First World’s motto is to provide five-star service in a three-star hotel. The staff has lived up to it and I’m very happy and proud of them.”

    Mr Calvin Chee, VP EADi
    “My partner really guided me well today. I’m surprised to know that there are so many scenarios to handle as a member of the front office staff.”

    Mohammad Ariff bin Abu, Front Office Assistant
    “I feel very grateful because my boss showed me how to communicate with the guests, especially when there were language barriers.”

    Ahmad Sahabudin, Captain
    “I was nervous at first, but after working with my boss, it was fine and enjoyable.”

    Muhammad Faizal, Room Division Supervisor
    “It was an exciting and thrilling experience. I got to teach my boss how to perform the check-in process and how to persuade guests to select different types of rooms we have available.”

    Azraei Riza bin Ali Riza, Room Division Supervisor
    “I feel excited to be able to show my boss the nature of what we do here at the front office.”

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