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    Progressive Texas Hold'em Poker

  • Overview


    • The objective of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand by making the best five-card poker hand using your two cards (Hole Card) and up to five Community Cards (or Play the Board). You can also bet on our Progressive Jackpot.

    • The Genting Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker system allows multiple credit betting and dealer hand bets. Players can participate in the auxiliary game by placing a side bet on their own hand and/or on the dealer’s hand. If the player’s hand matches one of the winning cards or hands on the side bet payout chart, he wins.

    • Place your ante wager. This will determine your minimum and maximum bets throughout the hand.

    • Place your bonus or Progressive Jackpot bet. This is an optional bet which gives you a strong starting hand and the chance to win a share of the Progressive Jackpot.

    • Two cards will be dealt to the players (Hole Cards). View your Hole Card to choose:

    • • to fold: surrender your ante and bonus, or

      • to bet: double the amount of your ante on flop

    • The first three Community Cards (Flop Cards) will be dealt face-up. You can either check or pass (stay in the game without betting) or bet (same amount as ante) on the turn.

    • A fourth Community Card (Turn Card) will be dealt face-up. Likewise, you can check or bet (same amount as ante) on the river.

    • A fifth Community Card (River Card) will be dealt face-up. Two cards are then dealt face-up to the dealer’s hand. If you make a better five-card poker hand than the dealer, you will be paid even money on your Flop, Turn and River wagers. If you win on a straight or better, you will be paid even money on your ante. If not, the ante is a push.

    • Bonus bet is paid when the player’s Hole Card matches the posted pay table. The maximum payout is subject to the table limit.

    • Progressive Jackpot is won on a combination of the player’s/dealer’s first or second Hole Cards with any Community Cards, or using only Community Cards, and is paid on the four of a kind or better.

    • Payment of the Progressive Jackpot will start from player position 1 – 8 (left to right) with the dealer’s position counted as number 8 and paid last. Jackpots will be processed by position regardless of the type of jackpot struck.


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