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  • Chin Swee Caves Temple

    Explore this grand religious site located on a sharp, rocky slope near the peak of Resorts World Genting. Remember to visit the iconic nine-storey pagoda lit by lamps, the Sky Terrace, and the 15-metre high statue of Buddha.

    Besides worshipping the Reverend Chin Swee, devotees can also pray to Buddha and Kwan-yin, whose statues stand behind the five-storey temple. Visitors can also embark on a journey of cultural exploration, travelling from hell to heaven in the afterlife in accordance with ancient Chinese traditions and beliefs.

    Just after the main entrance is the nine-storey pagoda, decorated with figurines of Buddha. Inside are 10,000 “blessing lamps”, installed for devotees to dedicate to those whom they would like to be blessed. Such is the popularity of these lamps that there are only about 2,000 left.

    The temple also offers visitors a breathtaking view and is a good place to meditate and appreciate the wonders of nature.

    The Chin Swee Caves Temple is strategically located and easily accessible either by the Awana SkyWay or by road.

    For a convenient and pleasant trip up to the temple, park your car at the Awana SkyWay Car Park, where there are more than 4,400 bays. From there, hop on to the Awana SkyWay gondola for a scenic ride to the temple.

    Disembark at the Chin Swee station and take the escalators to the temple grounds.

    You can also stop at the station on your way down from the resort by Awana SkyWay.

    The Awana SkyWay operates seven days a week from 7:00am to midnight. For the standard gondola, tickets are priced at RM8 per person or 5GP for Genting Rewards Card members. An express boarding pass can be purchased for RM40.

    For the glass-floor gondola, tickets are priced at RM50 per person or 40GP for Genting Rewards Card members. The same ticket can be used to continue your journey to the peak or down to the Awana station.

    If you prefer to drive, you can park your car in the temple compound where there are 112 bays.

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