• Tiger Huang & Ricky Hsiao Live In Genting 2017

    Two of Taiwan’s hottest singers are among the international stars scheduled to mesmerize fans at Resorts World Genting.

    Tiger, who first made an impact doing pub gigs, has since garnered many fans, earning herself the title of Queen of Pub. Since the release of her first album, Bu Zhi Shi Peng You in 1990, Tiger is best known for her deep voice and soulful singing style. It was in 2009 that she sang Mei Na Me Jian Dan, a song composed by Ricky which won her more awards, cementing her place among faithful fans who simply can't get enough of her voice.

    Ricky made his name in Tai-pop and Mandapop. A naturally talented star, he also stands out as being among a small number of male singer-songwriters in Taiwan. He was introduced to Tiger through his father in 2002, which was also the first time they appeared on stage together for a song.

    The same year, Tiger released the album Ni Shi Wo De Yan Hei She Ji Ta followed by Hei She Ji Ta two years later —both of which contain his own compositions. He made an even bigger name for himself as a songwriter in 2007 when Yoga Lin and Yuming Lia performed his original songs, Ni Shi Wo De Yan and Ah Ma De Hua in a singing competition.
    • Date
      29 April 2017
    • Time
    • Location
      Arena of Stars

    • Seats for those with special needs are located in the easily accessible zone (marked with the wheelchair sign on the floor plan). For ticket reservations, please call:
      03-2718 1118.


    18 January 2017

    Normal Price
    VIP RM 590
    PS1 RM 430
    PS2 RM 290
    PS3 RM 190
    PS4 RM 120
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    VIP RM 531.00 / 53,100RP
    PS1 RM 387.00 / 38,700RP
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    PS4 RM 108.00 / 10,800RP

    **All numbered seat.
    **Individual tickets are required for admission for adults, children of all ages and infants.
    **Excluding RM4 processing fee.

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    GP = Genting Points ; RP = Rewards Points
    • 10% standard discount available for Genting Rewards Card members paving via cash/credit card and Rewards Points (applicable to all price sales).
    • 50% discount available for Genting Points Redemption (applicable to PS1 – PS2 only).

    • Each ticket is valid for one-time admission only.
    • Children must be shorter than 95cm to be eligible for child ticket priced at RM50 without seat, while children taller than 95cm must purchase tickets according to the price scale. Terms and conditions apply.
    • Strictly no video recording and photography during the show.
    • Video cameras, cameras and tablet computers such as iPad are not allowed in the venue.
    • Lost or damaged ticket(s) will not be entertained.

    For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP or RP, kindly contact (603) 2718 1118