Genting Stud Poker


Genting Stud Poker is a poker variation based on five cards stud. It is played with a single deck of cards with the player playing against the house rather than against each other. Players also have the opportunity to wager on the Progressive Jackpot.

The Genting Stud Poker progressive jackpot system allows multiple credit betting and Dealer hand bets. Players can participate in the auxiliary game by placing a side bet either on his own hand and/or on the dealerís hand.

Players place their progressive bets through the bet manager electronically at the press of a button. Using the bet manager helps to speed up the game by reducing the number of transactions between the players and the dealer. The playerís bets are automatically deducted from their credit bank for each hand dealt making it fast and easy to play the game. Also, bonusing games come to life with colourful animations and sound effect.

Easy to Understand, Fun to Play

  • At the start of a game, players must make an opening wager (Ante).

  • Players have the option to make a Progressive Jackpot Bet on their own hand and/or on the Dealerís hand. 

  • The Progressive Jackpot Bet pays on hands of Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of A Kind, Full House or Flush as follows:

Progressive Jackpot Payout Table

Royal Flush (any suit) 100% of Progressive Jackpot
Straight Flush (any suit) 10% of Progressive Jackpot
4 of a kind RM1000( x credits bet)
Full House RM500( x credits bet)
Flush RM200( x credits bet)

Any player having a Progressive Jackpot qualifying hands shall notify the House and their cards are left face up on the table for processing of payment, regardless if the House does or does not have a hand of Ace and King or higher. If two or more Players qualify for the Jackpot during the same game, the 100% or 10% winners will be paid according to the House rules. The lower jackpots will be paid according to the number of credits bet.

  • The House shall deal the cards (face down), starting from left to right until all Players and House have five cards each. One card for the House will be turned face up to cover the other 4 cards (face down).
  • After the Players examine their hands, they can decide:
    - To FOLD - Player loses their wager (Ante).
    - To PLAY his hand against the house, he must place exactly double the amount of his Ante in a designated area (Bet).
  • If the House does not have a hand of Ace and King or higher, the Player automatically wins the Ante (even money) and the game is over. No Payment on the back wager (Bet).
  • In the event, the House have a hand of Ace and King or higher, the Dealer compares his hand to each Player's hand individually.
    - If House hand outranks Player's - Player loses his Ante and Bet.
    - If Player's Hand outranks House - Player wins and shall be paid as follows:

ANTE - 1 to 1 (Even Money)

Bonus on Bet

1 PAIR OR LESS 1 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
2 PAIRS 2 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
3 OF A KIND 3 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
STRAIGHT 4 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
FLUSH 5 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
FULL HOUSE 7 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
4 OF A KIND 20 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
STRAIGHT FLUSH 50 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
ROYAL FLUSH 250 to 1 (up to maximum payout).
  • This payoffs are in addition to the Progressive Jackpot payout. Remember, the House must have a hand of at least Ace and King or Higher to qualify for Bonus payout.
  • House and Player having the same ranking hand denotes a Tie game (push hand).

Payment of the progressive jackpot will start from the player position 1 to 8 (Left to Right) with the dealerís position counted as number 8 and paid last. Jackpots will be processed by position regardless of the type of jackpot struck.